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Chapter 4

  • When I was on my knees, my face was at the same level as her bare pussy; her yoga pants where in a heap around her ankles. She lifted one leg and then the other as I slipped the pants off over each high heel. My daughter was naked from the waist down and her vagina was shinny with moisture. Unable to resist, I took her wet pussy in my mouth and sucked down as much of her juices as I could. And the more I sucked, the more she made. She opened her stance as wide as her ankles would allow in her heels while I gave her slick cunt a tongue lashing. Her hands went to the back of my head and her fingers buried themselves in my hair as she pulled my face into her crotch.
  • Because she kept shifting her stance, I figured out that she wasn’t very comfortable in the heels, so I took her hand and walked her to my bedroom. She sat down on the bed with all of the style and grace as if she was being seated at a five star restaurant. My Erin was a very sexy and sensual young woman! She then opened her legs wide and made the ‘come here’ gesture with her index finger. I went back to eating her out and she put her legs up over my shoulders; knees spread wide and feet crossed behind my back. In that position, I had better oral access to her than the first time. I was able to push my tongue into her vagina and fuck her with it. Erin was being much more vocal now. Hearing my daughter moan in sexual pleasure—from me—was an amazing turn on. The ‘taboo factor’ in what we were doing was off the charts. Even so, Erin knew how to up the game. She said, “Oh, yeah, Daddy! Eat my pussy! Oh my god, Daddy; that feels SO GOOD!” I was emboldened by her ‘smut talking’ and really went to work on her. I explored every part of her vagina with my lips and tongue as I did before, only this time I wasn’t going to stop until she came on my face.
  • Pretty soon, I got what I was looking for. She grabbed my head, pulled it into her crotch and had a screaming, squirting orgasm. My open mouth caught her gushing fluids and it was a mouthful! She looked down at me through her cat mask and I opened wide so she could see her cum in my mouth. I closed my mouth and swallowed it all; it was delicious! I moved up her body and, as I did, I slipped my hands under her skin-tight shirt; pushing it up over her tits. I took one nipple in my mouth and let my hand play with the other. My cock head was right at the opening to her soaking wet pussy, but I wasn’t ready to push in yet.
  • I removed my daughter’s cat mask and finished taking her top off of her. With the exception of her high heels, Erin was as naked as the day she was born. A slight smile was on her face as she looked at me in anticipation and she was more angelic than what I had imagined the first time we had sex—when she wore the mask. My solid cock was barely making contact with her slippery pussy and her hips were already starting to rock slightly. I moved forward slowly and my engorged dick began sinking inside of her. As I entered her, Erin’s subtle grin slowly changed; her mouth dropped open and her eyes closed half way. She breathed in through her mouth, gasping for air. When my balls came to rest on her lovely ass, her open mouth slowly changed back to a wry smile as she looked me in the eyes. I began pushing in and out of my daughter’s vagina and our eyes were locked together.
  • There was no going back now: we were fucking as father and daughter and we were more than well aware of what we were doing. Erin’s arms were wrapped around me; her hands on my shoulder blades and her legs were hooked around my ass as if to prevent me from pulling out of her. My arms went under hers and I had my hands on her shoulders so I could pull myself into her to help my thrusting power. Almost automatically—as if by instinct—I kissed her on the side of her neck. As I did, she tilted her head back, presenting her throat to me. I kissed her there and followed around to the other side of her neck, kissing her just below her ear. I pulled away to look at my daughter’s face. I always thought Erin was beautiful, but seeing her passionate face while in the throes of having sex was beyond words. She was absolutely exquisite!
  • Our faces were mere inches apart. I don’t know if I kissed her or if she kissed me—perhaps we both moved in at the same time—but we kissed like we had been lovers for years. And every time I pushed deep inside of her, Erin hummed with lust into my mouth. I went back to kissing her neck and under her jaw and she hissed, “Oh yes, Daddy! Give it to me! I want it all of the way inside me! I love how big your cock feels and I want to feel your cum shooting inside of me!” I started going faster and faster as she continued talking. She wanted it harder and harder and I wasn’t going to last much longer. I was pounding into her now and was really enjoying watching her lovely breast being bounced back and forth and around in circles from my fucking her. My balls and thighs were slapping her ass and she began a long, continuous, high pitched hum. I knew her orgasm was building just as mine was.
  • Erin’s face began to twist: her eyes looked like she was worried; her lower lip disappeared—sucked into her mouth as her orgasm became immanent. My orgasm would wait no longer and I blasted a huge load inside of my daughter’s already pregnant womb. The moment the first of many jets of sperm splashed into her cervix, Erin’s orgasm hit with force. Her legs stiffened; eyes shot wide open and she screamed at the top of her lungs. As our nearly simultaneous orgasms subsided, I let my weight down on her, allowing her tits to press into my chest as I kissed her some more on her neck. I slowly rocked into her and she moved her hips in time with mine. Eventually we rested in that position, with me buried to the hilt in her, and we kissed for a while. I rolled over and she rolled with me to end up on top of me; all while never pulling fully out of her. She sat on my still remarkably hard dick and grinded her hips slowly. While gently rocking on me, she started fixing her hair and when she seemed satisfied with that, she leaned down, gave me a quick peck on the cheek, and said, “Thank you, Daddy; that was even better than the first time! I really liked being able to see your face this time,” before she pulled herself off of my cock.
  • Erin stood up, collected her clothes and went to her room. I got up and got redressed. Erin took a quick shower and when she came back out, she was dressed in her usual shorts and t-shirt; if unexpected visitors were to drop by, they would never suspect that we had just fucked each other’s brains out. I asked her if she wanted anything to eat and she replied simply, ‘ice cream’. I went to the freezer and said that I’d have some, too, while she went to the cabinet to get two bowls and spoons. We went about the rest of the day as if nothing had happened. Of course I couldn’t stop thinking about what we had done. But it neither felt wrong, like I suspected it might, nor did it feel right—it just ‘was what it was’. I mentioned my feelings about what we did and Erin felt the same way saying, “Like I told you: it’s just casual sex with someone we can really trust—that’s all.” I nodded in agreement but didn’t have anything to add. Erin then said that her friend has been talking about ‘the Spiderman’ nonstop since the party. She wanted to try and figure out who I was so she could hook up with me again. Erin and I agreed for obvious reasons that we could never let her know. We had long since finished eating our ice cream and were talking over the empty bowls when we realized it was late and went to bed—in our own beds.
  • The next day was just like any normal Saturday for us. We did go out and do a little window shopping; looking at baby items…but it was still a bit early to be buying things like that. It was decided that we would wait until we knew whether the baby was a boy or girl before buying any clothes. After a full day of ‘shopping’ and returning home with nothing, we relaxed with a movie before going to bed. I got up early on Sunday to put Erin’s laundry in so she would have clean clothes for the coming week. Once all of her clothes were washed and folded, I went to her room to ask her what she wanted for breakfast and found her awake but still in bed. Erin thought for a few seconds about what she wanted for breakfast and then said, “I guess what I’m really in the mood for is a ‘quickie’. What do you say?” I didn’t say a word; I just pulled her covers back to find her already naked and she sat up to help me into the same state of dress. I got in bed with her and lay down behind her, spooning her. I was hard in a flash and my cock was pressed between her ass cheeks. I repositioned lower as she lifted her leg and she helped guide my cock to her waiting vagina. I pushed in without ceremony and began gently thrusting into her. I put one arm under her head, wrapping it around to her chest to play with her tit while the other hand went to her clit so it would have a ‘playmate’. We stayed in that position for several minutes and then I tried a new one for us. I kept her on her side as she was, but moved her ‘upper leg’ into a sitting position while her ‘lower leg’ was straight down. I straddled her lower leg and pushed back into her. This position gave me good leverage for pushing deep and she could change the way it felt by moving her upper leg. Erin twisted her upper body so she could watch me fucking her—she smiled with contentment. Erin’s pussy tightened and began pulsing on me and her orgasm brought on my own. Once my cum stopped shooting inside of her, she said, “Can we have pancakes again?” I said, “Of course, baby; whatever you want.” She said, “Thank you, Daddy—that was really good…” I got up to go make breakfast and she got up at the same time. She kissed my cheek, put on a long t-shirt, and helped me make breakfast. We had no problem shifting back and forth between father & daughter and casual sex partners.
  • Our lives continued in this fashion; she would go off to school and come home for the weekends. We would have mind-blowing sex on Friday to blow off the stresses from the previous week and a quickie on Sundays to prepare for the coming week. Right around Christmas, Erin and I went to have her first ultrasound done. She was only about seven weeks along in her pregnancy, but we wanted to see our baby. Officially, I was there as the supportive father of his single and pregnant daughter, but between Erin and I, I was there as simply, ‘Daddy’. After sitting a short time in the waiting area, Erin’s name was called and she asked me to come in with her (for the benefit of the office staff as opposed actually needing to ask me to join her). We were escorted to the examination room and Erin took her place on the exam table while I just stood in the corner trying to stay out of the way. After a few minutes, an ultrasound tech came in and had Erin lift her shirt up to just below her breasts. I had to be careful not to get a chubby… Erin still wasn’t showing at all; she seemed a bit ‘softer’ than normal, but to any casual observer, they would never guess that she was pregnant. The tech put gel on her lower abdomen and began passing the wand around her belly. It didn’t take her long to find the baby—the baby was still just a single sac of cells; nothing about it to distinguish it from a black and white picture of a fried egg. But Erin asked for pictures anyway: it was ‘her’ baby, after all. The lab tech was very clinical and seemed to have zero emotions about the baby, but she humored Erin and printed several pictures anyway. The tech asked Erin when her last period was and Erin said it ended around October 22nd or 23rd. I did the quick math and realized she was right at the peak of her most fertile point in her cycle on the 31st; she was probably ovulating as I was fucking her with my modified condom. The lab tech wrote the date down and calculated the due date based on the 22nd. Erin told her that she didn’t conceive until the 31st and the lab tech asked how she could be so certain. Erin said, “Because, on the 30th, I was a virgin and I didn’t have sex again after that; at least, not until after I already knew I was pregnant.” Even with the rock-solid testimony from Erin, the lab tech still used the 22nd as the date to go by; she was VERY clinical. Erin’s official due date was July 22nd, but we knew it would be closer to the end of July or even early August.
  • We went home and the first thing Erin did was put our baby’s ‘picture’ up on the refrigerator with a magnet. It was really something else to go to the fridge and see the ultrasound of my baby being carried by my daughter. I could barely remember the thoughts of guilt and regret when I first discovered that Erin was the cat girl; when I discovered she was pregnant with my child. Those thoughts and feelings were gone; replaced by pride and joy. Erin and I continued our arrangements and things never got weird between us. We managed to keep the sex separate from the other aspects of our relationship. We never cuddled or became overly passionate. Sometimes while having sex we would kiss, but that was different. Once we were finished satisfying each other, kisses were to the cheek or the forehead like you would normally see in a father and daughter relationship. It was very complicated, yet elegantly simple too.
  • Erin’s belly began to slowly expand as time went on and I was surprised at how it only increased how beautiful she was. I didn’t have a pregnancy fetish, but seeing her pregnant had an effect on me. Perhaps it was because she was carrying my baby, I don’t know. When she was 16 weeks along, we knew that we would be able to tell if we were having a boy or girl soon. Her stomach had expanded enough that most people could tell she was pregnant as opposed to just being overweight—all of her ‘extra weight’ was in her belly; the rest of her body was still her normal size. We waited until she was into her 19th week before getting another ultrasound done because we wanted to make sure they would be able to determine if the baby was a boy or girl. Almost as soon as the tech started searching, she had news for us. But it wasn’t the news we had gone to find out; this was ‘other news’. The lab tech said to my daughter, “There are two now; you are having twins.” We both responded in unison saying, “WHAT?!” She showed us on the monitor and, just like she said, there were two babies growing in there. And, since we knew she started out with one embryo sac, they were going to be identical twins. The tech took pictures of both of our babies. Erin asked if they were boys or girls. The tech positioned the wand around some more, found the right angle on one, and said, “You are having girls.” She moved the wand around and found the right angle on the other baby just to confirm that they were identical and found no surprises; the other baby was definitely a girl, too. Both were healthy and strong; a little small for being in her 19th week, but that was normal for twins. More pictures were printed out and hung on the refrigerator as soon as we got home. We had shopping to do: now we knew to buy girl items and to get two of everything! Erin told her friend the news and she told Erin that she had an ultrasound done, too: she was having a little boy. I was thrilled—even though the baby wasn’t going to have my last name, he was still my son; passing down my bloodline. That was an outdated and single-minded way of thinking, I knew. My daughters would be passing down just as much of my bloodline as my son would after all… but I still liked the thought.