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Chapter 4

  • ~Camila’s POV~
  • I could see Liam was ecstatic that I was going to drop him off. I'm not sure what it's like to be a mother, but I'm going to do my best for this child. We exited the vehicle and I accompanied him to his class, and as soon as I got down to his level, he kissed me and gave me a high five. I kissed his brow and returned to the vehicle. I didn't know how to get back to my apartment to go fetch my clothes, but I didn't need anything since I had just come to San Diego. I had a few items I needed to collect.
  • "Robin, Are you busy today?"
  • "Not at all, ma'am."
  • "Thank God, I have a lot on my plate. Take me to Groove Road, number 65."
  • "Of course, ma'am."
  • I returned to my old flat, grabbed my clothes, and walked downstairs to meet Robin. I informed Robin we were heading to the mall and he ignited the vehicle. Liam didn't have toys like a typical child. His room was simple as if it belonged to an old person. I went to a toyshop and purchased toys and video games for Liam, as well as some clothing for myself. I haven't gone shopping since I moved to the United States.
  • "Robin, could you check with Mary to see if she needs anything for the kitchen?"
  • "Indeed, Mrs. Grayston." I purchased virtually everything since Liam is only a youngster and hasn't begun any sports yet. Mary didn't need anything, so we returned to the villa. I walked to Liam's room after arranging my things in the closet. I transformed his room into a child's room, complete with toys and sports equipment. It was time to go get Liam. I rushed down the stairs, not because I was late, but because I wanted to be on time for him.
  • "Would you mind giving me your car, Robin? I'm going to pick up Liam. "
  • "Your car has arrived. Should it not be suitable for you, please inform Master and he will have it changed for you."
  • "Thank you very much, Robin." For a brief period, she was taken aback when she received the car keys from Robin. She didn't expect him to purchase such a costly vehicle for her, especially since it would just be used to transport Liam to school. Camila waited outside, just like the other parents. One of the teachers was escorting my kid. He looked about, and when he didn't see me, he grimaced, as if going to weep.
  • "Mi Cielito," I called him quickly. He was so pleased when he heard that, so he started running towards me.
  • "Mommy, you came!" I kissed his brow and held him.
  • "Of course, I showed up. A promise is a promise, and one doesn’t break promises." I opened the door for him, and he walked in smiling. Then I heard someone say hello to me.
  • "My name is Amanda Owen, and I'm Liam's teacher."
  • "Hello, Mrs. Owen. "My name is Camila Grayston.
  • "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Grayston." I would like to see more of you. "
  • "Of course, certainly," she says. I stretched my hand to take what she was offering me. "What exactly is this, Mrs. Owen?"
  • "We'll have a parents' meeting next Friday." I hope to see you there. Mr. Grayston has never attended a meeting. I'm hoping you will.
  • "Of course, please excuse my husband. He's constantly busy, but I'm sure he'll find the time sometime. "I'm going to go now." I got into my vehicle and drove away. "How was your day at school, baby?" I inquired of Liam.
  • "It was all right." With a lengthy face, he said.
  • "Did the youngsters get on your nerves today?"
  • "Nope, not a chance. "I scolded them today."
  • That’s my boy, so we are going to play ice hockey today. "Do you?"
  • "Thank you very much, Mom. You're the greatest." My life would be perfect if I could see a grin like that every day. I'm simply thrilled he's such a free spirit. When we got to the rink, he changed. His trainer was waiting for him. Liam was excited about getting started. I sat and waited on the seat outside, for him. He looked so adorable in his hockey gear. I photographed him as he was playing and placed it on my screensaver. I was the last born in the family, so I never understood why everyone wanted to make sure I received the best. Looking at Liam, I can see why my brothers and cousins were so protective of me and wanted the best for me. Children are stunning and, as a parent, all you wish to do is to protect them. I snapped another photo and sent it to Stopher. He didn't respond, but I could tell he had seen it since his Whatsapp profile image had been altered to the one I gave him. He finished in 2 hours, then we headed home. I decided to launch my fashion brand, exactly like I did in Mexico. When I first arrived in the United States, I wanted to work for someone, but no one was willing to hire me. I may as well do my own thing as previously. Plus, I don't do well when I'm being bossed around. It irritates me. We got to the villa. I opened the door for Liam, and my gaze met Mr. Grayston's. He was peering down through his study window at Liam, who was still wearing his hockey jersey. We entered, and I led him to his room. When he saw his room and some video games and toys, he was overjoyed.
  • "Thank you very much, Mom; you're the best."
  • "I’m glad I am. Let's get you clean." I bathed him and changed his clothes. He didn't disturb me, since he was too busy playing with his new games.
  • I left his room and walked to mine. Okay, so now I'm free. I've always wandered around in my underpants and bras since I was a kid. It's nothing new to my family. They were concerned but now have grown used to it. My dad says that my mother disliked wearing clothing while she was at home as well. I'm not sure when it began; it's simply a habit, and believe me, I'm not afraid of nudity. I am the epitome of nudity. Thank God, the only people in this home who would describe me as strange are the employees and perhaps Stopher. So, scratch him. When he spotted me nude this morning, he didn't appear astonished. Besides, with such a huge fucking list, he sees a lot of nude ladies now and again. If the folks outside don't think I'm odd, I'll go anyplace in bras and panties.
  • I went into my room and changed my clothing. I wanted to start planning my clothing line, so I chose the same name I used in Mexico, ‘Cammy.’ I also work as an architect. I design clothes and buildings. Many of the structures here were designed by myself, as part of my family's company.
  • I then sat on the bed, with my laptop propped up on my legs. I made an order for equipment with one of my Italian suppliers, which I was unsure would be fulfilled. To my surprise, the purchase went through. I began to wonder how much money was on the card Chris gave me. Of course, it was a black card with no limit. I walked to the window after making the purchase and made a phone call to my supplier.