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Chapter 3

  • As they got inside the vehicle, the weather suddenly changed. Thunder began to rumble, and rain began to fall. Rain is said to bring good fortune.
  • Is God wishing me a good fortune? Camila thought to herself.
  • ******
  • As the vehicle began to move, she smiled. She was sitting in the backseat with Liam curled up on her lap while he slept. She moved his head forward gently, using her chest to establish balance for the little boy. She smiled at her naivety as she watched Liam sleep, then turned to face the outside world and sighed angrily. She would never have dreamed she'd be this foolish. When she reflected on her life over the last six months, she had always considered herself to be reputable. She got married to acquire a job, but she still hasn't found one. She is now responsible for a 4-year-old kid. All of these things were not imposed on her; she chose them. She has only herself to blame. Nobody compelled her to live this life. She began to worry whether she would ever find work. She heard the driver's voice while she was deep in meditation.
  • "We have arrived." Two men raced to her aid, and one of them grabbed Liam with him. It was pouring outside as they went inside. The house was so large that it was easy to get lost. It was nearly dinnertime. Camila remained standing while everyone else sat down at the dinner table.
  • "Where is my room?" she questioned, looking across at Christoper. She questioned, peering at Christopher without moving her gaze. He returned her gaze as if they were in a stare-down.
  • "Mary, please escort my wife to our bedroom." Camila's face was expressionless; even though she didn't enjoy the notion of the two sharing a bedroom, she wasn't going to give him any cause to believe she was just some little girl. He was free to go anywhere he pleased.
  • "Mary, lead the way." She said, as she entered the room and immediately had a shower before crawling into bed and falling asleep.
  • Having finished dinner, Christopher entered his bedroom and saw Camila sleeping soundly.
  • "So I married this chick, and now I'm sharing a bed with her," he said suddenly, with a sarcastic sneer on his lips. He sneered as he glanced at his ring. He walked into the bathroom, had a shower, and then slid into bed. He was ready to lie down when he saw Camila wearing his shirt. His expression stiffened.
  • What was she doing wearing my shirt? He thought.
  • Then it dawned on him that she hadn't brought any clothing. After turning out the light, he went to bed. Cammy was not in bed with him when he awoke the following morning. She had gotten up before him. He was astonished since he assumed he was an early bird. He headed to the shower, dressed, and walked down the stairs. Camila was preparing breakfast with Mary's assistance.
  • "Mary, why is my wife making breakfast?" Camila responded before Mary could.
  • "I told her I'd prepare breakfast today unless you have any objections, Mr. Grayson."
  • "Certainly not, Mrs. Grayston." He said with a smirk, waiting for her to prepare trash so that he could humiliate her.
  • "All right, have a seat, breakfast is ready,” she looked up and yelled, “Breakfast is ready, Mi Cielito!"
  • "Coming!" The little boy responded and rushed to grab a seat. Christopher couldn't help but notice his son's joy. He hadn't seen his son so pleased since he was a baby. Is it possible that he needed a mother?
  • Well, at least she's helpful to my kid, he thought to himself.
  • He watched as Camila fed Liam and how much he loved his meal. He took the first mouthful of my breakfast. Holy crap! She can cook. He couldn’t recall the last time he ate something that good. Even Mary couldn't compete with Camila's cooking, but he couldn’t say it out loud.
  • "It's time to go to school, little master." A voice came from outside.
  • "Would you mind waiting for me? I just want to change. I would like to take him to school every day, or at the very least show me the route to his school." Christopher watched as she ascended and followed her. When he walked into their bedroom, she was rummaging through his clothing, which he didn't mind.
  • "Why don't you let Robin take him to school, Camila? That is his responsibility."
  • "Stopher, it's my responsibility to drive him to school. I told him I would drive him to school every day. How do you think he'll react when I tell him I'm not going to take him to school?"
  • She unfastened her shirt, exposing her naked body in front of him, and she didn't seem to mind that someone was there with her. Christopher’s mouth fell open. She dressed in one of his t-shirts and track pants. Her hair was wrapped in a sloppy bun. She did all of this oblivious to the fact that Chris was standing there and she was speaking to him without even being humiliated that she was naked in front of a man. The man swallowed hard, but he knew better. He couldn't sleep with her since she was only a girl.
  • "Do you see what I mean? Oh, I'll need a car to send Liam off and pick him up every day." The man swallowed a ball of saliva and stared at the woman in front of him. She was just a child who didn’t even care. The clothes she was wearing were too big for her but she didn’t seem to mind.
  • "What kind of car do you prefer?"
  • Does it matter? "Anything as long as I can drop him off and pick him up daily.”
  • She shifted her gaze to me. “Stopher, I hope that is okay with you. Liam believes I'm his mother. Do you believe I should inform him that I am not? First and foremost, I wanted your opinion on this."
  • “So be it if he wants to refer to you as his mother. That's OK with me, so sedan, coup, sporty, truck, or SUV."
  • "SUV."
  • "You will receive your car today at mid-day," he sneered at the petite girl in front of him. She walked away. The man was still perplexed as to how she could strip nude in front of him and behave as if nothing happened. He grabbed his phone and dialed Robin, his assistant, and driver, to arrange for an SUV.
  • Perhaps I should work from home today. He thought.