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Chapter 3

  • **Annabelle**
  • My mind trailed off to memories and how he was the current cause of my problems. The first and last names were the same so if there wasn’t another Fallon Mitch in California then that man was my ex. One would I would be meeting tonight.
  • Ava shook my body in a feeble attempt to snap me out of my thoughts, it didn’t work because everything came rushing back like it was just yesterday.
  • "Annabelle what’s wrong." She sounded so concerned about me.
  • "It’s nothing…. I umm….the dress at the boutique." I mumbled incoherently. She wasn’t convinced, she gave me a suspicious look, I faked a smile which usually gets me out of every problem, I did not want to open to Ava just yet, the last thing I needed was a pity. Fallon is in my past so if I did run into him tonight, I wouldn’t get affected in any way, I’ll wear the sexiest gown I can find and I’ll go to that party and show him just how much effect he has on me which is none, zilch, Nada. I grinned fully grabbing a hold of my purse which lay on the table.
  • "Let’s go shopping. I raised my arms in excitement, sticking out my tongue. That seemed to do the trick of convincing her, she got her bag and we were out of the house.
  • After hours of shopping to make even a blind man ogle at us tonight, I settled for a red gown with a V- cut to show just enough cleavage and make a man beg for more. The slit at the side showed off my perfectly tanned legs and with just the right amount of bold red lipstick, every man in there would fall at my feet, someone’s who’s gay won’t be able to resist me.
  • "Girl! You look hot!" Ava exclaimed, biting her finger. I grinned elated that the plan was going according to plan.
  • "You’re not so bad yourself." I flashed a wink, we got our purses, and I took a matching red purse and put on my heels.
  • "Driver’s waiting outside.”She announced with a girly squeal.
  • "Let’s party." I cocked my head to the side, did a little handshake, walked out of my room and house, I was ready to see him again after six years and I couldn’t wait to show him how much I had changed.
  • The minute we stepped out of the car, all eyes were literally on us. Man, Woman, Girl or Boy took one look at us, especially me and was hooked. I enjoyed the attention I was getting, it only made me feel; even more confident to meet him.
  • Just then, it crossed my mind that Ava had informed me beforehand of our meet and it made me wonder if Fallon was also aware that we would be seeing each other.
  • Cameras clicked as most reporters were trying to get a good picture of Ava, she being a model and all. I caught up to her, pushing her to a corner, whispering as low as possible.
  • "This Fallon dude…." I trailed off acting like he wasn’t at all important.
  • "He might not even be cute, I don’t want to get disappointed while searching for a catch is he aware that were meeting. You know….." I chuckled.
  • "Just in case he faints all of that, I can walk past him and act like I didn’t see him……" I mentally slapped myself remembering he’s supposed to be a stranger, I shouldn’t know how he looks.
  • "You know after you give me a warning that “that’s him”." I quickly added with a nervous chuckled. Her face broke into a wide grin.
  • "Trust me he’s a hunk, if I wasn’t 5that interested in dating, I would’ve tried to hit on him." I gagged internally at her words, if and only if only she knew how annoyingly despicable he was, she wouldn’t dream of saying something like that.
  • "And, I have my reasons for wanting to introduce you two trust me. You’ll be thanking me by the end of tonight." She added that sounded mischievous and for some reason, I felt nervous after she made that statement. At least he didn’t know I was here so the element of surprise still belongs to me.
  • "So when do I get to meet him?" I beamed feigning excitement.
  • "Wait right here, I’ll go get him." She chirped, walking away.
  • I rubbed my palms in anticipation. Adjusted my gown properly and prepare to see him after six long years. I turned towards the other direction to add more flare since he would come up from behind me.
  • Minutes later, I heard slow footsteps.
  • "Belle….." Ava called out. I put on my best sweet smile, turned around slower than a turtle. The look on his face was eccentric. He cringed his brows as recognition spread through his eyes. He hadn’t changed, he was still tall and exceptionally handsome, he aged quite well and if I didn’t despise him so much I might get aroused.
  • "Do I know you?" He asked, knocking the air out of me.
  • I hadn’t changed, yes its been six years and I cut my hair a little shorter but I hadn’t changed. I meant so little to him that he couldn’t even remember me. It made my blood boil and my fist fold.
  • "Belle….." He trailed, trying to remember. I scoffed lightly.
  • "Its……"
  • "Isabelle Jeremy…." I finished, stretching out my hands. Ava gave me a confused look, I tried to use, my eyes to tell her to go with it and ill explain later.
  • She seemed to get the message, she broke into a smile./fake.
  • "So Belle, Meet Fallon Mitch. Fallon this is the girl I told you could do it."
  • "Do what?" I asked confused and lot."
  • "I need a girlfriend and I was told you're the girl to call.” He smiled seductively at me, it took everything not to glare hard at him.
  • ******