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Chapter 2

  • **Annabelle**
  • ****SIX YEARS LATER****
  • "So you want us to break up?" I placed my hands seductively around his neck. His breath hitched and he licked his lips.
  • "Come on Annabelle, it was fun while it lasted, the sex and everything, I paid you good money too but I don’t need a girlfriend anymore my parents are definitely off my back." He replied and I groaned.
  • "Are you sure?" I ask biting my lips, letting my hands reach lower, squeezing his manhood softly. He grunted, closing his eyes and I pumped harder.
  • "Are you sure?" I repeated, he opened his eyes, licked his lips one more time before crashing his lips on mine.
  • "Just one more time," I smirked, nodding my head, rushing to take his clothes off. Being the tease I was, I wasn’t putting on any undies, he went lower, took my trousers off.
  • His hands went upwards from my toes to my thighs. I didn’t want much foreplay since it was gonna be the last time, I want him coming back and begging for more.
  • Before he could pump his fingers inside me, I dropped to my knees, taking his belt off. His dick sprang out hard and erect, he was huge, better than most guys I’ve been with. We were in his office so it wasn’t at all comfortable.
  • I pushed him slowly until his back touched his dick. I smirked as he waited patiently for me to continue.
  • I pushed my hair to the side slowly lowering my mouth onto him, he groaned holding my head in place, pushing and encouraging me to go further. I sucked lightly on his head, slowly licking as his pre-cum oozed out. His moans were muffled probably because he didn’t want his secretary to know her boss was getting a blow job in the afternoon. I began to suck faster, his hand was pushing my hair faster on his dick, and he grunted and groaned before offloading his cum in my mouth. I swallowed it in one go, a little dripped from the side of my mouth. I placed them on my finger, making him taste himself.
  • "Goodbye, Renee," I whispered into his ears. I picked my trouser from the ground putting it on. He reached for his cheque book, scribbled on it and handed it over. I kissed him one more time already feeling his hardness on me, his secretary could handle that, and she’ll be delighted. I turned away and walked out of his office, adding some sway to my lips so he won’t forget me so easily.
  • "Your boss might need you, you should go in there." I winked at her, walking away. He just gave me a hundred thousand dollars. First things first, I’ll send half to my parents from their “Cousins”.
  • I’m Annabelle Sinclair and I’m a GIRLFRIEND FOR HIRE. For the past two and a half years I’ve been with almost half a dozen men depending on how long each lasts, usually, I may not have sex with them unless of course, they might pay more. After the incident with Fallon and my near-rape experience, I tightened up only focusing on my studies and nothing more. Two and a half years later I graduated with a degree in Business Administration. During my last years in college, a lot of people refused to forget about “THE VIRGIN LADY”. Most of them still made fun of me and Fallon was a constant reminder. I refused to pay attention, I tried to find the girl who saved me but it was to no avail. It was like she vanished alongside the guys who tried to rape me. I could only hope and pray that nothing happened to her after I ran. A year after, I graduated I moved to California, I tried to get a job but it was of no use so I made a decision. My parents needed money but they wouldn’t see me, they called me a shameful daughter but I still cared for them and I wanted them to be happy. Being the girl with a stupid past of making crazy decisions, I made another mistake. It started with a guy who wanted a girlfriend to show his friends he wasn’t gay, he was gay but they didn’t need to know that. We kissed and touched but no sex. Over the years, I’ve been with different guys for stupid reasons but most of them were about acceptance and fitting in. I’ve been there so I know exactly how they felt. The first guy I had to have sex with was when my dad’s farm was destroyed, I had to act fast and after that, the rest followed.
  • I had a plan to stop everything once I saved enough money to start my business, I had my designs I just needed the finances. That guy Renee only lasted two weeks and we had sex twice and now it’s done and dusted. I had a nice apartment. I was living an okay life. Now I needed a new client and fast and I knew exactly how to get one. Since I moved to California, I only had one friend, Ava. She was a model and I dated her brother for a little while. Although she was popular she still had time to talk. I told her about what I did but I never told her why. She offered to give me some money but I declined, I wanted to do this by myself. She talked about this party tonight, invited me but since I figured Renee might want to see me I declined. My doorbell rang and since I didn’t order anything, it could only be one person.
  • "Speak of the bitch herself." I opened the door as she hugged me tightly.
  • “Remember that party tonight. Do you have a plus one already?"
  • "No." She replied and I smiled.
  • "Great." I beamed.
  • "Am coming with you." She smiled, hugging me tightly.
  • "Great, wear something sexy." She said and I smirked.
  • "Why though?" I asked chuckling.
  • "Because threes someone I want you to meet."
  • "Oh really now, who’s that?"
  • "Fallon Mitch" She responded and my heart skipped a beat.
  • ****