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Chapter 8

  • Samara looked at her, and said with disappointment, “I can’t even go out of this place, how will I leave this city, and I don’t have a phone also how will I contact my brother.”
  • The maid replied immediately, “I can help you to contact your brother and escape from this house.”
  • At first, Samara was happy to hear about getting freedom, but next moment she thought, ‘there is no free meal in the world.’ and why this maid wants to help her.
  • So she asked the maid, “Why are you helping me? Are you not scared of your master?”
  • Maid smiled gently and said with tears in her eyes, “Because, I had a younger sister just like you, but she died a few days back, you remind me of her, and I feel like I am your elder sister, so I felt like doing something for you.”
  • Samara felt that she saw the genuine emotions in the maid’s eyes, and she said, “If I succeed in escaping from here, I will always be thankful to you.”
  • Maid nodded and said in a low voice, “I will bring a phone tomorrow; you can call your brother and ask him to sneak in the house the day after tomorrow and hide near the house entrance; around 10 pm, all the guards change the duty.
  • So there are a few minutes when there are no guards anywhere, you both can run from the main gate and escape from this place and leave this city immediately.”
  • Samara’s eyes lit up with hope when she thought of escaping from all these with her brother, and she nodded immediately.
  • Maid turned around to go inside the house, murmuring, “Sister, I will avenge you very soon, but sorry sis, Demon will be only mine.”
  • She went back to the servant’s room and shared her plan with her other three friends; they all were excited; they were sure that Demon would definitely find Samara and kill her for disobeying him.
  • No one knows when Demon was coming back, his travel plans were always kept secret. He didn’t call Samara even once in all these days because he didn’t want her to be disclosed by anyone. He was in another country so he kept his guards up all the time.
  • He doesn’t want Samara to know when he was coming because he thought that he could see her surprised expression, he wanted to know would she be happy seeing him out of the blue.
  • The next day, Samara was happy but nervous at the same time. She was happy as it was the day of her escape from this golden cage, she will get freedom after today, but she was very nervous, also thinking if anything goes wrong.
  • If they get caught, will Demon kill them, she is okay if he kills her, but he should leave her brother; if in case they get caught, she will beg for mercy for her brother.
  • At first, she thought to drop the plan, thinking of the consequences, but at second thought, her brother's words rang in her mind, "Always try to get something till your last breath, don't leave trying in fear of losing"
  • She made her mind she will definitely give it a try; what if they succeed. There are more chances of their success as Demon is also not in the country; by the time he will know about her escape, they will leave this country forever.
  • Although Samara had made up her mind, she could not eat anything during breakfast; she was shaking internally, thinking about tonight's plan.
  • She had a little lunch in the afternoon; after lunch, she went back to her bedroom. The maid who had planned everything followed her to the bedroom hiding from everyone's eyes she had a small phone in her maid dress.
  • Once the maid entered the bedroom, she immediately locked the bedroom from inside and handed over the phone to Samara; Samara remembers her brother's phone number.
  • Henry had trained her from childhood to remember his contact number for any emergency to call him from anywhere, even if she doesn't have her own phone.
  • Samara started dialing Henry's number with trembling hands; soon, the phone was ringing. Samara was praying internally, 'brother, please pick up the call.'
  • But no one answered the phone, she redialled but again no response, now she started worrying, thinking did something happened to Henry, tears started dwelling in her eyes with this thought.
  • If anything happens to Henry, she will die; he is the only person as her family in this world. He is like a soul for her; her day starts with him and ends with him.
  • If anything happened to him, all her sacrifices would be in vain; she was continuously praying to god for Henry's safety.
  • She dialed for the third time, and this time Henry picked the call and said, "Who is this?" his voice was low as if he was tired.
  • Samara choked for a few seconds after hearing her brother's voice after so many days; Henry again said in an irritated tone, "Hello, who is this?"
  • Samara said, controlling her sobs, "Brother, it's me."
  • Henry's eyes were wide awake; he immediately replied in a crying tone, "Sis, is that you, how are you? Please forgive your brother, I could not protect you" He lost control of his emotions and started crying.
  • Samara tried to soothe him and tell her plan before she gets discovered with the phone, "brother, it's not your fault, please listen to me carefully I don't have much time."
  • "We can run away from this place and leave this city forever; we will go somewhere; no one knows us, and Mr. Knight could not find us."
  • Henry heard her word to word and said, wiping his tears, "Are you sure sis? I mean, I can do anything to take you out of that place, I just don't want you to get hurt in any way."
  • Samara replied, "Brother, Mr. Knight is out of the country, and this is our only chance" She quickly tells him the plane and hangs up the phone.
  • The maid takes the phone and goes out of Samara's room quietly.