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Devil's Trapped Angel

Devil's Trapped Angel


Update: 2021-09-28

Chapter 1

  • It was the inauguration day of Samara's college; she was very happy. She turned eighteen years last month, and now she is starting her college. 
  • Like other teenage students, she was also very excited about this new journey. She was also happy because she was now in the legal age to work; her brother Henry worked hard to pay her school fees till now.
  • He was her only family, after the death of their parents; Henry took care of Samara as his daughter.
  • Now when she was in the legal age of working, she wanted to help her brother by doing part-time jobs.
  • It was news all over the college that in today's inauguration, the college's main trustee was coming to address the new batch of the students. It was rare because he never attended this kind of function, so the whole college was super excited.
  • It is said that he is a very humble person; Imperial College is one of the best colleges in the world. But the fee here is not very high so that middle-class families can also afford it because Mr. Knight believes that good education is every student's right.
  • Samara was a rare beauty; she had black long, slightly curled hair, green forest-like eyes as if she was a portrait of Mother Nature. Her smile was unique, making a flower bloom—her fair white lotus-like flawless skin. 
  • No man in the world can resist her beauty, but she never thought she was a beauty queen. She believes that the inner beauty of a person is more important than outer look.
  • Henry knew that his sister was a gorgeous woman; he was always worried about her safety. He would work as a bouncer at night in the club, but he still manages to drop and pick Samara from college.
  • He didn't allow her to be alone anywhere, not even with her best friend, Jenny.
  • He never allows her to have an opposite-sex friend; he was worried that any man might play with her feelings. She is very innocent.
  • Their parents died in a car accident, Henry was ten years old at that time, and Samara was hardly two years. His dying parents asked him to take care of his little sister.
  • Samara was like the lifeline of her family; everyone loved her very much. 
  • After their parents' death, Henry took himself as her father and tried to give her the best as much as he can afford.
  • Henry dropped Samara at her college gate, where Jenna was already waiting for her. They both hugged each other tightly and walked in the college chit-chatting happily.
  • As it was inauguration day, all the new students were asked to assemble in the auditorium. So Samara and Jenna headed towards the auditorium.
  • _______
  • On the other side Demon Knight growled, "John, I have told you I don't like going to these kinds of places."
  • John stood straight and said, "Boss, I know, but it is important for you to show up sometimes in college so that no one can doubt your other identity."
  • Demon knew that John was right, so he didn't argue further, and said, "Give me my speech" John handed over the speech document to Demon.
  • Before leaving the room, Demon said, "Inform the principle that I will be there only for fifteen minutes."
  • John nodded and followed Demon. As Demon was about to enter his car, a girl's voice came from behind, "Demon, sweetheart …why are you not responding to my calls, baby" while saying this, she was about to hug Demon he dodged.
  • Demon looked pissed and said, "Liana, don't you dare to touch me, or I will kill you right here."
  • Liana pouted and said, "Demon, baby, I am our fiancée; why are you behaving like this?"
  • Demon grind his teeth and said, "Liana, I have told you so many times, I will not follow a dead man's wish"
  • Liana was a beautiful woman; another man dies to sleep with her, but the man she likes does not even look at her, but she is also determined to win his heart.
  • Before Liana could say anything, he entered his black limousine, fully loaded with luxuries inside. Comfortable sitting, bar cabinets, and many more things, and left for college.
  • Demon was twenty-eight years old, his mother died at the time of his birth, and his Dad died a year ago because of a heart attack. Demon didn’t have good relations with his Dad because he always thought that his mother died while giving birth to him because he didn’t take proper care of her.
  • He was busy with his mistresses at the time his mother needed him the most. While taking the last breaths of his life, his father said that he wants Demon to marry Liana, as Liana was his best friend’s daughter.
  • Demon never had any feelings for any woman in the world; he sometimes thought that he was impotent. He had seen many beauties, but his body never reacted to them.
  • Only God knows why he was not interested in women, he feels filthy if any women tried to touch him. He doesn’t mind killing anyone without thinking; he was sparing Liana thinking about her father’s friendship, otherwise Liana would have died long back.
  • Soon Demon reached the college; he straight went to the auditorium, followed by John and his bodyguards. 
  • In the auditorium, Principle made the announcement, “I would like to welcome the most humble and honourable Mr Demon Knight,” and Demon walked in.
  • All the girls felt like their breath stuck in their throat; they have never seen such a handsome man. He was more than six feet in height, broad chest, sharp jawline, and sharp black eyes.
  • He was walking a Greek God. He can stop the breath of the person on whom his gaze falls.
  • He walked elegantly and held the mic in his hands and said, “Hello, students,” all the girls were drooling at his sexy voice.
  • Jenna was holding Samara’s hand and said while squeezing it, “he is so handsome, I have never seen such a handsome man.”