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Chapter 69 Viral

  • × Rosenville, Minnesota ×
  • Hours fleeted.  The flight didn't take long.  No unnecessary delays or mandatory quarantine upon arrival.
  • Her parents fetched her and welcomed her back home with hugs and smiles.  They actually redesigned her old room days before.  Just to surprise her.  Although grateful that her mom and dad remained healthy, Jessi couldn't get rid of her anxiety.  It might take her months to mentally recuperate.
  • Buried under her blanket, she clasped the padded covers and stared at the dim ceiling.  The chills were back in action, her temperature still above normal.  Was it another side effect of the emergency contraceptive pills?  With a loud sigh, she propped her elbows on the pillows and checked her phone again.
  • Almost five million views now.  Quarter of a million likes.  Not bad at all.  A big channel posted the interview video months ago on social media.
  • Why this interview?  It didn't seem eager to promote their TV show.  For as long as she'd worked with the two, he and Darren seldom did these kinds of interviews together.  Mostly because of Jenson's jam-packed schedule.
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