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Chapter 58 The Alpha Boss

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  • "This is Magnus, my brother-in-law." Darren glanced down and stepped back to make some space between her and the tall man in a navy three-piece suit. "This is Jessi, Jenson's assistant."
  • "Hi. Pleasure." Magnus gave her a wide smile and shook her hand before Jessi could smile back.
  • The pit of her stomach wanted to shrivel up at his firm grip. It almost intimidated her as much as his stature and expensive-looking clothes.  Designer clothes, probably.
  • He and his wife were seriously wealthy, as far as she knew.  The man's polite greeting and smile seemed genuine, though.  Not too forced. But not too timid, either.
  • Jessi bowed a little while they shook hands. "Nice to meet you, Sir."
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