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Chapter 51 Come With Me

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  • "What's that noise? Are you on a date?"
  • "No. Jenson invited me to their party—their thank You party." Jessi pressed her phone to her ear, not surprised by the concern in her mother's voice.  Smooth, instrumental jazz music filled the pretty crowded venue, but it wasn't helping her relax at all. She couldn't even sit still.
  • At least 20 guests smothered the wide bar.  Most of them had already high-fived or bro-hugged Jenson to congratulate him.  He and the showrunners had wrapped up the latest season that garnered mostly top-drawer reviews.
  • "Where?" her mom asked, her high-pitched voice thinned by worry.
  • "Here in LA. Near the beach," Jessi replied while trying to sound casual.
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