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Chapter 30 Wanted: Personal Assistant

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  • Their unplanned ride didn't take half an hour. It also wasn't the first time she rode Jenson's motorcycle.
  • Back when she still worked every day for the TV show, Jenson taught her how to ride his big bike. Just some of the things they did for fun during shoot breaks, with Darren, the other cast, and the crew members.
  • Jessi missed their company, but, she had to accept her new reality. Time to move on and forget about her short-lived career in the TV industry.   So she went to the mall to update her makeup kits a little. Buy something for herself. Just some retail therapy to motivate her today.
  • Bumping into and catching up with her former boss wasn't on her to-do list at all.  Seeing Armand Claude again? Ugh. It just made her skin crawl. It brought back memories and unwelcome thoughts. Bad memories, mostly.
  • Darn that first-class tool.  Ugh. Hopeless case...
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