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Chapter 6 Imicsibles

  • Elena Davis,
  • I just stormed out of the conference hall after bedding a good night to Mr. Scissor mouth. It's just a day still I felt like it's enough. First he banged me on the table then tried to take advantage of me and like it's not enough I had to barge in his make out session with Liza. Clearly he isn't civilized enough, where he was living in the jungle? But the way he was staring at me, like finding something in me which is familiar to him made me go soft on him for no reason. I don't know, normally I freak out in such situations but this time I didn't feel unsafe or such that even when he banged me on the table, I was just scared at that time.
  • I have to agree his forest green eyes hold a power of dominance like he is used to dominating everyone around him. He even walks and speaks like he is the god who created this world like everything around him belongs to him. Well, his mannerism doesn't match with his physic, he is way more handsome than he deserves to be. I was amused at the fact that he had the ability to make me pass down the shiver across my skin and the nerve of that man he even smirked at me witnessing it. I hate it very much. Who behaves so unprofessional with their employees? And sniff them? He was so close to me that I could feel the heat radiating from his body. This man is unbelievable.
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