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Chapter 2 Understanding Death

  • A sharp pain erupted through my head, I felt my ragged breathing. I tried to open my eyes but it feels like weight on my eyelids. I was struggling to open my eyes and finally I got the success. It's too dark and the foul smell of rotten blood was burning my nose. A small light bulb was hanging on a corner showcasing the moulded walls and broken glass of a window of the room, dripping sound of water echoing throughout the room. I flickered my eyelids to get a clearer image as my head was spinning due to pain. Where am I? How did I end up here? Heach was killing me, it's too much, shit. Now, I remember I was heading to report boss about the whereabouts of club and someone hit me with something hard on my head. I felt blood rolling down from my left temple but I couldn't feel any pain as it went totally numb. It was flowing down upto my neck. I tried to move my arm to touch it but I couldn't reach it as I was tied to a wooden chair. Horror passed over me as I got to the basement of his house. He found out that I was stealing information from him. I am going to die now. Droplets of sweats rolling down my temples and neck. My heart beats like a drum as I hear the sound of some heavy footsteps increasing continuously and with a loud bang, the door of the room flies over another corner of the room as Death himself kicked the door.
  • As my eyes catch his eye, my breathing becomes impossibly difficult as I remember the stories of his tourcher. Now, I am going to experience it live. He had a little excited look in his eyes as he stared at me making me remove my gaze from him, as I am just a toy to him to remove his boredom. Blazing Arius comes into view making my blood go cold. Even his men keep their distance while talking to him.
  • " You took a long time, Luca, for this task." He sounded calm in his voice but his voice was cold enough to freeze anyone. He came into light, eye stabbing me, he went into the dark side of the room. His footsteps were roaring in the room. We are nearly seven eight people but his presence made us stitch the mouth. As he came into light again, my eyes widened making my throat go dry.
  • " No No No No, AHHHHHH" That bastard came towards me with a drilling machine in his hand, I thought he would use a knife or something but No. He brought something unimaginable and without muttering another word he drilled my thigh. My screams are resonating throughout the room.
  • Blades of drill were cutting my flesh, leaving it teared roughly making blood splashing all over us. I screamed at the top of my lungs, burning my throat but his face didn't even show a flinch. I tried to move but all my efforts went in vain. He had a maniac smile on his face and his eyes were shining in dark, fucker was enjoying the show. Rot in hell you Bastard. Finally, he stopped. As I was busy composing myself with a new pain and controlling my breathing he drilled my hand mercilessly. New trails of pain were shooting my spine, draining whole energy from my body. A throat tearing screams left me, making his men shiver. Even they turned their faces away from me, shutting their eyes. Few of them covered their backs. One of them nearly screamed but put his hand on mouth to suppress it. He turned glaring towards him as he heard a subtle huff from one of his men. He shivered and bowed down.
  • It gave me a few seconds to breathe. He is not asking anything. What does he want from me? He raised his hand to hold the drilling machine in his both hands and he approached mine head. I was shivering like a leaf in a storm. This man is totally crazy, he is more threatening than his actual rumors. Why the fuck, I agreed to do that?
  • " I -- w-ill, t-ell." I tried to speak but my whole throat started burning and it felt dry. God, graced me as he stopped and put the machine down on the blooded floor. My eyes were hooded, I could only see someone standing , that's it. All my energy is concentrated on breathing. I heard his Chuckle as turned around, holding a sinister smirk on his face.
  • " What Salvatore is looking for?" He asked while taking a seat in the chair. I tried to open my eyes completely but I didn't have any energy. If I tell him the truth, he will kill my wife, I can't.
  • " c- ons-ign--ment." I spoke with great difficulty. As I completed my sentence he grabbed my shirt and hurled me against the wall, my head hit it and blood started flowing like water. I could only hear my beating heart. Everything went silent for a while. With my half open eye, I saw a metallic shine on his hand. I don't even know what it is but it was but I opened my mouth to stop him but nothing came out. His men came forward and dragged in front of him. His eyes are like showering fire at me.
  • " One more chance, what is he looking for?" His voice is like he is screeching my soul from inside. I didn't have an option for that. I have a family, and the responsibility of my wife. If I told him, my boss would kill her and I didn't tell him, he would kill me. I don't want to die. No one wants to die. Whole room started spinning around.
  • " H-er. Sh-e is al-ive." I gathered all my courage to speak. I was supported by two of his men by my shoulder. My head was hanging down as my main concern was my life.
  • " Who?" He asked loudly, making me and his men flinch. Their grasp on me tightens and one of them pulls my hair up to see blood bathed Arius Accardo. He had an evil smile on his face, mocking me for my failed belief system and trying to protect myself. Someone has named him right. Arius - death. He took his name pretty seriously.
  • " Ari-" before I could complete anything I heard a loud sound.
  • " Bang" ......
  • Arius Accardo POV,
  • Aria, how dared he to take her name? Wait, She is alive? She is alive. That day, still fresh in my mine. How can I forget that day. It was the first and last time I saw her that day, the day my life changed, the day all light from my life got sucked out of it like Aria. I don't know how to feel in this situation? Should I be happy that she isn't dead or should I worry that Salvatore is looking for her and I don't know where she is right now?
  • Aria Russo, I still remember it like yesterday. That beautiful five years angel running around the corridors, holding a heart melting smile, with her shining honey brown eyes. Searching everywhere, calling me loudly in that cute white dress printed with her favorite strawberries on the bottom of it. It was supposed to be a happy and memorable day for us. We were going to meet for the first time on that day. I had waited for that day for so long.
  • She had a birthday card in her cute little hand with a picture of strawberries. I had laughed so hard that she made strawberries on a card for me, then she said I am her friend so, her choice will be my choice and I agreed too.
  • She was waiting for me in the window of her bedroom, waiting for my arrival, holding a lot of hope and excitement, when I saw her for the first time. Her lips formed a beautiful smile when I got out of the car and turned towards her. She called me from the window, waving her hand and turned around to come down. I still couldn't forget that smile of hers from the window, it warms my heart every time I remember it, it feels less.
  • I heard a sound clearing someone's throat, then I got in my consciousness. I was still holding a gun towards his body.
  • All the men were standing a few steps away from me, maybe it was too much for them. It's good that they are afraid of me. Fear is the only emotion, who lets us bend on our knees in front of power.
  • " Sab, clear his body and then I have a special task for you." I ordered him.
  • " si Capo(yes boss). " He replied with a deep bow, he never met my eye level. He is one of the skilled and trusted men. He isn't afraid to speak to me about his true opinions regarding my decision, without caring whether I like it or not as he thinks that his loyalty belongs to me with his body and mind. That's why I made him my left hand.
  • If she is alive, then she is in danger. She needs to be secured. He said he is looking for her, which means he too didn't know where she is now. It's good news, but he will soon find her and I have to find her before him. I need to find her, my Crowning will be smooth as dad is bound by my blood oath. He thinks that I am not suitable to rule yet. With that I left the basement and turned towards the mansion. I saw the car of the padre(father) coming, I rolled my eyes and entered the hall. I was about to ascend the stairs to reach my bedroom, his loud harsh sound echoed in the hall.
  • " Arius Mario Accardo, stop there." He sounded very angry at me but it matter. I turned and started walking towards him. I stopped exactly in front of him. He was glaring at me with his hands in pockets.
  • " Something bothering you, padre?" I casually asked him. Folding my hands over my chest, giving him a cold look. His anger rose as I asked him.
  • " Look at you." He roared at me, trying his failed attempt to scare me. I signed and looked at my clothes, which were completely drenched in blood. It's not new, so why is he wasting my time? He started glaring at me, as he only received a bored look. He thinks I am becoming animistic.
  • " Don't forget, You haven't been crowned yet. Don't give me that look." He walked towards the sofa and took a seat while crossing his leg over another, reminding his authority over me.
  • " I don't need the Crown to rule Padre." I walked over to the sofa and took a seat in front of him with my blooded clothes like it doesn't matter at all. He gave me a stern look.
  • " You are going to Florida to handle business there, you need to learn how to keep yourself calm." He is only making me more angry at him.
  • " I am not going there, I have some important issues to resolve." I got up and started approaching the stairs again.
  • " you will, it's an order." He roared from behind and I stopped in my tracks and turned.
  • " A lot of mis transactions are going on in florida. Go and resolve it and control your daam anger. It's dangerous for our business." His retreating footsteps echoed in the hall and he went towards his bedroom. He is the leader so we all are bound to follow his orders. I had to solve that bloody Florida problem to achieve my rights.