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Chapter 15 Weird

  • Clyde Dante
  • We all finished cleaning the house after BBQing. Beverly helped a lot and from the look of her face.. she's tired. I can sense that. I told her to go up and rest but she kept insisting that she will help me.
  • Seeing Anna today makes me happy but not happy like really happy that I will go back to her. It's been a long time since I saw her.. that's why.
  • I saw her helping take out the trash without being gross about it and I chuckled seeing her struggling to open the door. I ran to her and opened the door for her.
  • "Thanks." She smiled and then she walked out from the door. I helped her to throw all the trash and we're done.
  • "Let's take a shower and then go to bed." I said and she nodded. She walked in first and walked up stairs to my room. I walked into the kitchen to wash my hands and took a glass of water.
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