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Chapter 17 Day 1

  • Beverly Carington
  • These days Clyde has been ignoring me, I mean.. he has been going out with Anna a lot.. almost everyday. He's being so selfish right now because he can go out with Anna but I can go out. He prevented me from going anywhere so I've been staying at the house doing nothing.
  • I called Becca a lot and she said that Clyde is starting to turn into a real asshole. He doesn't care about me anymore. He treated me literally like trash.
  • I never hangout with any guys because as you all know, I'm not interested in having a relationship so it's a little bit boring here. I miss New York because all of my friends are there.
  • I spent my time sleeping all the time pand woke up at 9 p.m. I decided to go to the rooftop and yes they have a beautiful rooftop. It's more like a small balcony. I made my way up there and found grandma sitting there. I smiled seeing her and decided to join her.
  • "Sit down, Bev." Grandma said as she saw me. I nodded and sat on the chair beside her. She pointed at the sky and I looked up following her finger. The sky is really bright tonight.
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