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Chapter 41 Epilogue

  • Clyde Dante
  • I opened the door to my room and still can't find Beverly. She's still mad at me and I just realized how a selfish jerk I am to her. Let's just flashback what happened last week.
  • "Beverly.. I want you to quit and work with me." I said talking about it again for the 17th time. Beverly looked at me disbelief and I just looked at her seriously, completely not letting changing the topic because she kept avoiding that topic again and again.
  • "Clyde, I don't want to." She said in a calm tone. I looked at her completely don't understand. We're going to get married soon and why is she hating the idea of us working together? How can we get married if she doesn't even want us to work together?
  • "Why? We're going to get married and why don't you want to work with me?" I was starting to get so pissed with that fact.
  • "I just don't want it." She said and I closed my eyes holding my anger inside.
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