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Chapter 8 Regret

  • Beverly Dante
  • I looked out to the window to see Clyde and his family talking, laughing and still hugging each other. I found myself a little bit envious that he still has a family to be with. I sighed and sat down on the sofa closing my eyes to take a rest for a while.
  • I did pretend to be bitchy and a little bit annoying earlier but I can't fully act. I know they're nice people and I just can't fully act. I know it from the start. They're so nice and warming. I found myself looking at the ground blankly.
  • Suddenly Clyde entered the room again and sat beside me.
  • "You did a great job, they asked me why I picked you as a fiance?" Clyde said excitingly.
  • "Of course, I'm a good actress. Lucky you.. you got an act from me free." I smiled widely. I hate showing myself to other people that I don't know. I can bluntly tell everything to Becca but not Clyde.
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