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Chapter 7

  • I slowly blinked my eyes open to see King Archer sitting on the blue couch angrily looking at me with his queens by his side staring at me with regrets, I wondered why they gave me such a look.
  • My eyes drifted to the doctor standing by my left wearing his beaked masks, leather gloves, and long coats, what was the need for a calling a doctor for a mere situation.
  • "What's going on?" I finally found my voice as my eyes landed on the King who was burning with fury, I wanted to Know the curse of his anger.
  • "My queen you are one month pregnant" The King said, making me nearly choke as I giggled, that was just so funny to me because it wasn't possible.
  • "You're joking with me now right?, You better stop the joke and be serious because it isn't funny" I said angrily as I sat up.
  • " My queen this isn't a joke at all"
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