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Chapter 10

  • "Fox I feel like you're siding the new wife" Zinnia glared angrily at agent Fox King Archer's personal adviser.
  • She had gone to his room as usual to collide with him on the issue of Pearl's pregnancy, she was so jealous that she couldn't help but to talk to her only friend in the castle fox.
  • "Come on Zinnia, there is no way I'm supporting another woman when I have you here. I am just saying that it's too early to do anything, it would be better if we watch her and the king and see how their relationship is going… Think about it, torturing the pregnant queen so early will make the king suspicious and he will have to bring more eyes to watch and guide her but if we wait for her to stay for a month at least anything that happens the king won't really be suspicious because she has stayed long and might know her way around…if I am making sense" he said as smile curved Zinnia's lips, "you're always making sense my love" she said and pecked his lips " I was just scared of losing the king's attention, I already feel like the king prefers her to me, he already started by letting her keep the pregnancy… Gosh that annoys me most" Zinnia cursed running her hands through her brown wavy hair in frustration.
  • "Definitely the King might pay more attention to her than the rest of you because she is young and beautiful and also she is pregnant… You see?, That's why we have to watch the closeness to know when to strike" he said as Zinnia nodded slowly "And by the way if the king doesn't give you attention, I am here to give you abundance of it" Agent Fox teased as Zinnia rolled her eyes.
  • "You're not my husband and you're not my enough" Zinnia said blushing slightly as Fox pulled her close and kissed her lips.
  • "But I am your lover" he giggled and pushed her to the bed.
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