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Betrayal & Revenge Of Loving Wives

Betrayal & Revenge Of Loving Wives


Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 Her First Extra-marital Affair: 1

  • My journey began growing up in the Midwest, in a puritan home with a sister 5 years older than me, a brother two years older, and a brother two years younger.
  • We were an every Sunday church going family.
  • Our parents had our time occupied in some form of dancing, music lessons, band and the list goes on. My sister and I could not date until we were sixteen and then it had to be a double date until we were eighteen.
  • My sister and I never were close to one another for some unknown reason. She seemed to exist in her own world. Down deep I have always thought she was jealous of me because dad did favor me a little more than her. Looking back he probably did that because I would sit in his lap; hold his hands in stores or any where away from home. He was my security blanket. I used him to get things after mom said, "No."
  • It wasn't until I was eighteen and one half that I felt the skin of a cock and a guy sucking my breasts and feeling my pussy through my soaked panties. Up to that time, from time to time I would make guys feel good messing with the boners in their pants when we double dated. Several times we nearly crashed when my date was driving unloaded in his undies.
  • In college, I graduated to letting guys get me off with their fingers. I would jerk them to an orgasm and let them suck my breasts.
  • I met John in college in my junior year. I guess I fell for him because he was not like other guys. They all wanted me to get them off on every date and they wanted to get their cock into me so it was always a struggle. John on the other hand would pressure about every third date so the pressure was less.
  • John and I married the July after our May graduation. He was a chemist and I was an elementary school teacher.
  • Since I started to have periods I would read every article I had in my hand on sex after mom told me what was happening to my body. There were not that many articles around the house but in dentist and doctors offices there were. Since I was in braces there were lots of trips to the dentist.
  • I was so looking forward to an orgasm with John and I have full sex.
  • Five years into the marriage I still did not have complete sex. My body and mind told me I was missing something after all that reading I had done.
  • John and I never spoke of sex. I did not want to embarrass him and maybe make life really miserable. John is sensitive and easily hurt by words.
  • The night of our honeymoon was great for him but not for me; as we were making out, with him sucking my breast, fingering me, humping my thigh he orgasmed.
  • I had mine also but wanted to feel his cock in my squirting.
  • He fell asleep with a hand on a boob, spooned into me.
  • In the middle of the night, I woke to the feeling of a nipple being played with and soft humping of his hard cock in the crack of my butt. I rolled onto my back to kiss him. As he kissed me he rolled on top of me. I spread my legs so he could insert his hard cock. Surprisingly it lined up with the entrance and slowly with his mini thrust came into me.
  • I had lost my virginity to a Tampon many years earlier. During the summer between high school and college, grandma had dropped off some cucumbers. As I was putting them away, I noticed one looking very much like a guys cock. My nipples hardened and my pussy felt funny. I took it to my room, wrapped in a towel and hid it so I could experiment with it later.
  • When I went to bed that night, my panties were wet from anticipation of feeling the cucumber and fantasizing it was a guy. I recovered the cucumber from its hiding place, spread the towel to hide my leakage from mom, crawled under the cover, brought my knees up, and slowly inserted the cucumber into me. It was making me feel good that I was preparing to be a complete woman when a guy could be doing that to me.
  • I moved it back and forth slowly. When it hurt I backed off. I began to play with my breasts, alternating between them with my free hand. I was feeling better and better as my vagina became accustomed to the intruder. The intruder was sliding back and forth so smoothly on the liquids I was generating. I dropped my free hand to my hardened clit and massaged. The orgasm was the most intense I had ever had because my vagina walls were clamping onto something. As the cucumber moved faster, the gripping increased and the intensity of the orgasm did also as a result.
  • When I recovered I was panting and sweat covered me all over. I went to sleep with locking the cucumber into me by lying on my side and closing my legs. In the morning it was out of me.
  • Cucumbers became part of my life until I summed the courage to go into an adult store and purchase an eight inch realistic vibrating toy. I was beet red upon leaving the store. I was in my sophomore year.
  • I was feeling better and better as more of John's cock entered me. It was warmer and feeling better than my toy.
  • I have no idea of how much of John's cock had gotten into me when he stiffened, moaned into my neck, then pulsed his cock in my pussy, flooding it with his baby making cream. Thankfully I was on the pill. We did not want any children early in the marriage. John's body was shaking as the orgasm over took him.
  • I had a bad feeling wondering is this it. Well it was. He soon was asleep on top of me with a soft cock in me. I managed to push enough to slide out of bed, hop in the shower, and cry. After the crying stopped I made myself feel partially good not having my toy to grip onto.
  • This routine continued every night of the week with not much variation other than after the first two weeks he rolled off of me after he had made himself feel good for some long time.
  • I talked with mom about it and she said, "Give it some time sweetie."
  • The missionary love making was tapering off and by the 5th year it was once a week.
  • We still had no children because I was not happy with my marriage and stayed on the pill. We were short of cash so I decided to tutor adults for their GED. After a dozen or more I had new pupil. Even the first night meeting him my nips hardened and strange feeling were happening in my vagina.
  • The more he came for lessons the stronger those feeling had become when I was around him. I would use my toy after he left to relieve the anxiety. He never hinted at any interest in me even though there were many opportunities when John was out of town.
  • I'd always prepare a drink for the students after they arrived, sat at the kitchen table then for the instructions. Bill followed me into the kitchen per usual, placed his books on the table and stood behind me, looking over my shoulder as I poured the sodas on top of the ice.
  • I felt his closeness and felt his breath warm air near my neck. My nipples hardened and outlined themselves on the red silk sleeveless blouse I had on.
  • The feelings in my vagina were strong.
  • I grabbed both glasses one in each hand, turned and looked Bill in the eyes to say, "Excuse me please," when his hands went to the counter top, locking me between the counter and him. But at the same time as I opened my mouth to utter my words, his mouth encased mine and his tongue went deep into my mouth. Instinctively I let the drinks crash to the floor, placing one hand on the back of his head, and the other on his neck and held tight.
  • When we broke the kiss for air, he encased me into his body with his big hands, and we held each other tight, not saying a word for a long time. I did feel his cock flex now and then. It was hard and pressing into my belly.
  • Bill rested his chin on my shoulder and without a word being said, one of his hands came to the front between us, he flattened the palm of it and placed it on top of my mound softly. I went, "Mmmmmmmm," and squeezed him.
  • I knew then and there he could take me and use me anyway he desired.
  • Being summer I had on shorts, button in back with zipper.
  • He began to make hand movements massaging the mound as I pressed my tits harder into his chest. Soon a finger was pressing into the slit. I was soaking my panties and shorts. I smelled my leakage and I am sure Bill did also. If nothing else my gripping him, shortness of breath and slight hip movements told him everything he needed to know.
  • Soon his hands went to my back, undid the button, sliding the zipper down, bringing a hand to the front, flat palming it onto my stomach and then ever so slowly down, down to the smooth mound.
  • I was gripping onto him tighter knowing when he touched the clit I was going to explode. Internally I was begging for him to touch me there. My breathing had become shallow and ragged. Bill's mouth found mine again and we started a tongue duel as his left hand wrapped me up tighter to him on my left shoulder as his middle finger found the wet slit and the target. I moaned and snorted as the orgasm consumed me. The body convulsion was moving my mound over that finger and hand sending wave after wave of pleaser never experienced before.
  • When I had settled, I heard, "I am going to eat you now Erin. I have wanted to taste your honey from the first time I saw you."