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Chapter 6 Chapter five

  • The midnight pack
  • Alpha Rain night
  • "Faster Alpha, just there daddy." Sofia screamed with a loud moan making me sicker than I already was. She was my soon to be Luna since I couldn't find my mate yet, she was very submissive, a good girl just how I like them.
  • she has been trained ever since she was eighteen on how to behave around me .she was the most beautiful woman in my pack. I wouldn't deny I love beautiful woman unfortunately for me Sofia didn't have green eyes she had soft blue, I love my women with green eyes.
  • "Cum for me Sofia," I said in a dry tone to her wanting to get this over with soon and find my release. I was getting impatient of not enjoying sex with her ,sex with her was like Cuming inside a talking tree.
  • Her eyes closed like she was enjoying it and having the time of her life when we both knew that's a lie, she acted this way because she was like a dog trained to follow her master's command.
  • This was the most akwarked sex ever, no spark, no chills, no goosebumps, nothing but guilt, just like it has always been with not just her ,all other flings I have had in the past were all the same.
  • Her eyes opened and closed and her screams became louder and louder from how hard I was hitting her Gspot . I wouldn't brag but I was good in bed because that would only be the reason she was screaming like a possessed witch which I knew wasn't from pleasure but pain. My dick was long and thick so I knew I was hitting her Gspot with every move I make, hopefully I don't damage her womb before she finds her true mate.
  • We both knew a werewolf can never truly enjoy sex when you aren't doing it with your mate. Like I said she has been trained how to act and behave around me, hopefully my mate will also be trained and submissive like her when I find her so I can finally enjoy sex for the first time in my life.
  • "I told you not to"  my wolf said interrupting me, I  could feel him laughing at how boring the sex I was having was.
  • And  I told you your input doesn't matter dipshit. You are just jealous now go back into your hole and die” I shot back angry ,tired of all his nagging anytime I was trying to have a good time. He really needs to get laid also, hopefully if we find our submissive mate soon enough he will be able to mate her in wolf form too. Yes we werewolf especially Alpha's must mate their mate in both human and werewolf form.
  • She continued with her loud annoying moans , thankfully I was able to release not inside her of course but on top of her belly. I can never get another have male pregnant when she's not yet my Luna.
  • After I  pulled my dick out of her to climax on her belly then stood up eagerly and got a towel to clean her up. She  gave me a soft smile and looked so eager to leave. 
  • "I still don't see why both of you choose to have sex when clearly you don't like it at all. You both are torturing yourself, free the poor girl rain. “my wolf said as I continued cleaning myself up with the towel and she was also cleaning her intimate part which didn't bother cleaning .I was still angry and unsatisfied as she left the room discreetly. 
  • " A man have to get laid some how.” I still wasn't satisfied as I walked into my bathroom only wearing a towel round my waist into my bathroom for a cold shower. The water was so cool ,and inviting, it looks like it could calm my nerves. As I prepared to removed the towel frozen on the spot by how strong my pack warriors were trying to break into my mind.
  • "Alpha, a women claiming to be alpha black is out side with a group of other women who claims to be high ranking females of their pack." My head warrior John said .
  • " Then why are you telling me this ,go to the beta.” I yelled feeling both horny and frustrated at the same time.
  • I struggle hard with towel and slip it down my waist and thankfully I didn't slip to the ground and tug on my hard-on .Though sleeping with Sofia has only help reduce my hunger but I still wasn't satisfied, 
  • "Oh fuck!."Finally. I clutch my hard-on and start pumping it, "Fuck yes!” I  just need to come.
  • I needed a fucking release so I pump my hand to an almost brutal pace. I jerk like a mad man as if I hate my cock. My hips mimic the same thrusting motion if I were inside of a tight pussy preferably my mate.  My hand jerks with an intense energy and my mouth opens wide in a silent cry of pleasure. My wolf was shaking his head with laughter but I ignored him and continued.
  • Images of unknown of submissive girls who could be my potential mate and their naked bodies flashed through the mind as my hand worked down like a hundred meter race .
  • I ran my thumb over the gleaming tip of my cock, I hiss in pleasure but also trying to get it over with it. The erect cock jerks forward for a release, but just stroking isn't enough.
  • I couldn't help but notice the dissatisfaction I was getting with my hand again. My hand lacks the softness and finesse of a woman's touch preferably my mates touch, I need to look in innocent eyes that reeks of desires. As she bows and spread her legs wide for me to devour her.
  • I needed that desperate look in eyes for wanting me, fucking me, riding me. I wonder in my thoughts; do I badly need to get laid by my mate not just any another women or if it is just a bad day?.
  • Fuck. Fuck. Fuck."I moan aggressively as I come all over my hand again for the second time today in displeasure. Sticky cum drips down my palm as I stay silent with a thumping heart. As the orgasm slowly dies down, I couldn't help but feel a sharp pang of loneliness, an emptiness in my life.
  • I get up from the bathtub and change the water that had my sticky cum replacing it with a fresher water before relaxing into the bathtub again.  The guilt after masturbating always gets under my skin. I was sure the moon Goddess was disappointed in me but it wasn't my fault why hasn't she given me my mate ,a submissive she wolf.
  • "She  is shaking her and probably thinking what a disgrace of a creation you are."
  • " You are just jealous you can't masturbate. Wolf” I snap back mockingly.
  • I sigh heavily as I get settle on my bed after coming out of my bathroom still wearing a towel.  who needs a mate when i know she will eventually  leave me because I knew I was an asshole.
  • I got distracted by different multiple voices of my pack  warriors trying  to break into my mind all at once.
  • " Alpha the black  moon pack are here and they are causing a commotion outside, but the beta is handling the situation. " John said
  • "Alpha. “my head warrior john called again through the mind link.
  • "Yes, speak wolf." 
  • "The beta found is mate."
  • "Wait ,What?."