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Chapter 7

  • Abe looked at himself in the mirror and smirked. He looked as badass as his uncles now. Black leather from his boots up. His uncles wore vests, but with his fighting style, he was thankful for the sleeves on his jacket. Raising his arm, he thumped his fist on the forearm. He didn’t know what Mitz used for padding, but it would take the brunt of any blade that caught him off guard.
  • Turning, he checked out how his short swords sat behind his head. The scabbards for them were perfect, although that didn’t surprise him. His family in Alterealm had thousands of years with weaponry to perfect any placement on the body.
  • He might not look as scary as they did with big blades crossed on their backs, but it was a huge change from the suit and tie he wore before finding out other realms existed. Was it weird that he was hoping for a fight? Throughout his life, he’d used fighting and the human wars to distract himself from everything. Finding out you needed to bite people to live and could likely live forever without knowing the why’s of it tended to create a lot of confusion and frustration.
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