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Chapter 9 My Girl

  • I opened the door and climbed into his car. Dylan was so happy to see me. He leaned over and gave me a kiss. He was buzzing with excitement and it was infectious. He held my hand and sang corny love songs while he drove. I loved it when he was like this. The car ride went by quickly that way.
  • As we pulled up to the restaurant he hopped out of the car and ran around to open my door. I smiled at him before I stepped out of the car. He wrapped a strong arm around my waist and pulled me close as we walked toward the restaurant.
  • Valet ran forward and he threw the keys into the air. He caught it and looked at us. I smiled apologetically before we walked into the restaurant. I noticed the way the hostess’ eyebrows shot up when she saw Dylan. She ran forward and gave him a sly smile while she greeted him. I rolled my eyes as she led us to our reserved seats.
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