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Chapter 19

  • "The sun said to the moon, I'll burn you."  "Ema!" Her father's voice resonated in the small house and even escaping outside.
  • The bathroom the whole community shared was a terrible place to be in the morning.It was worse than Ema was the fifteenth person entering. It was still lucky though. The last person would have nightmares even while awake.
  • Why didn't I go in the morning?Water was scarce and she didn't want to go far off as early as six.
  • At long last, the person using the bathroom got out. His face was twisted in disgust and Ema could only imagine her turn for worse.
  • "Slowpoke, Move it!"Ema ignored the bastard and walked in.
  • The first thing she faced when she entered was the slippery floor.She counted herself lucky for being to keep standing.She got her sponge and dropped her bucket filled to the brim with water and prayed to the heavens that she could survive this.Oops! The soap slipped pff and landed on the floor, the slipperiness allowing the soap to slid further.Ema doused her face with water and searched for soap.It was gone for good. Something that looked like worms was crawling on her newly bought soap.Crap!She would just finish up and go and meet her father. He could still be heard yelling.  "I'm ready," Ema said finally.She had dressed in her best. A white-yellowy gown given to her as a present from her aunt.
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