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The Wife

The Wife


Update: 2020-10-14

Chapter 1

  • "When will you give me a grandson Nathan?" Nathan listened as his mother brought that subject up once again. 
  • What could he do to satisfy the woman?His mother was a tall woman in her early fifties. One with the mouth of a teenager. She could never just stop babbling. Nathan could hardly believe he was spawned by the woman. Her hair was dirty blonde with faint streaks of the grey but she did a good job hiding them using hair treatments. Her skin was porcelain white almost making her as white as a corpse and it had fine lines to adorn her transition into old age. She was not welcoming it well, however.She masked her face in Mary Kay in hopes to defy nature and it was a failing battle.He, on the other hand, had picked most of his features from his late father. He had the same hair color as his mother but he earned his chiseled features from his no-nonsense father. His built-up body was a work of his, the only thing he took seriously in his teenage years. Things have changed but going to the gym once a week had become a part of him. His light caramel skin, a mixture of his mother's ghost-white skin and his father's ebony skin color.Nathan's mum reached out to pick a cracker from a tray that was placed on the enamel-coated stool.Stuffing her mouth with the plain but not bitter snack, She continued to rant."Are you even listening to me?" Nathan was not. His mother's visit was interrupting his perfectly planned day. His face was plastered on his phone where he had written his schedules for the day and how his mother had swallowed up two hours and ruining his life.What he had to do for family!"I am mother," Nathan replied absentmindedly as he watched his mother stuff another of his maid's cracker into her mouth."You shouldn't eat too much of that," Nathan commented when he watched his mother pick another one.His mother flayed her hands at him sending some of the grains on his perfectly ironed shirt and making it dirty."Good gracious!" He yelled when this happened."Mom! I had a really important meeting!" Nathan yelled louder gaining the maid, Betty who peeked from the kitchen to see what drama she was missing."Don't you yell at me!" Her voice turned hoarse and Nathan could tell she was about to be more dramatic."I just want what's best for you. I might not live long enough to see you happily married." She sobbed."Even if..." She continued to Nathan's aching ears." it's Betty."Nathan raised an eyebrow. He had nothing against Betty but she wasn't just his type. He cherished control and he knew Betty would never even let him taste that. The girl held her pride in high esteem despite being a worker. Nathan brushed back his brownish hair backward as he thought of a good way to get rid of his mother. She was staying with him for a week before she moved back to Greece, where his family manor resided."Ok, Mom! I have a girlfriend. If I bring her home, would you be satisfied and let me be?"Nathan watched his mother face lit up with excitement."I knew it." She stated, snapping her fingers like she had gotten a brilliant business idea."Bring her home, Nathan. I want to talk to her." His mother mused.What a drama queen!Nathan checked his phone again for his schedule. Of he didn't plan his move now, he would be late and like really late.He had a meeting with Mr. Duarte Suarez, another business mogul that could make his company hit the world."So...I have to go. Betty will help you with anything you need. I'll be back at four in the afternoon."And before his mother could assert her opinion or another one of her many ridiculous ideas. He strode out.His mother watched in silence as he threaded out the doorway and his bulky frame slowly disappeared in the light."At least he was bringing his girlfriend." She pacified herself and reached out to the tray to pick another cracker only to find out it was empty. She sulked and called on the maid to give her a refill. Her son was coming home soon and she could hardly wait to see his woman of choice.
  • The Boulderfist company was one of the most influential companies in the suburban of Mexico which was set up six years ago by Nathan and three other equally wealthy individuals.The company produced wine. The kind that made people drunk and drained them of their money while adding to Nathan and his shareholders' pockets.The elegant building was a 20 story building adorned with glass-like mirrors and a very busy one at that.A red Ferrari pulled up at the enormous parking lot with Mr. Nathan Tocci getting out from it.A young woman in her early twenties and dressed in a red suit. immediately rushed to aid him with his briefcase which he could be handled individually."Sir! Mr. Rodriguez is waiting."Nathan bit his lips hating he wasted a fellow elites time."Thank you, Claire."The woman gave him a weak grin and brushed her long black hair which was being tossed around by the wind behind her hair.Nathan rushed into the seminar room, ignoring hundreds of workers greeting him a good morning. This uneventful morning was about to turn sour if he didn't bag that deal.The seminar room was the only quiet place in the building that was absent from noisy workers. The room was painted Plain white with the lights tonight up its simple elegance.It could contain twenty individuals and although it was rarely used, the room remained speck clean.A rectangular table was placed in the center of the room close to the office with chairs made from ebony wood and marble giving it it's shine. At the end of the room was a digital projection device and a whiteboard. Mr. Rodriguez was busy scribbling on the board and unaware of Nathan's arrival."I'm so sorry Mr. Rodriguez." Nathan apologized, indirectly informing the absent-minded man he was around.The man turned and Nathan got a full view of his status.His second-hand grey suit and plain white tie told a lot about his fashion sense. He had deep lines on his forehead and Nathan could picture him awake all night and a lot since he had bags under his eyes which made his appearance seem a little bit more haggard. His wide-toothed smile revealed a lot more. His teeth were slightly brown from an early morning coffee drink and His hair was a bit tangled and rough. Nathan could tell he was equally desperate to secure the deal with him."It's no biggie. You must have had a tight schedule."He said.He was not wrong. Nathan had to babysit his grown ass mother and the thought of bringing in a random girl home to present to his mother as his girlfriend came to mind again. Nathan quickly brushed the thought off and took a seat next to his client to be."So...What is the deal about?" Nathan asked, opening his briefcase and taking out a pen and a notebook."Yes. I have an idea that will boost your company revenue."Nathan nodded, penning what tye man just uttered while the man continued his presentation.The man took out a marker and began to make a scribble on the whiteboard."Your company is into winemaking, warehousing, and food preservation but there is a forgotten market no one has taken interest in.""And what is that?" Nathan quizzed.The man sketched a horribly drawn top and said," Clothes."Nathan jotted it down."Nice. Why would you suggest a throw a million-dollar at...clothes."The man wiped beads of sweats that had slightly formed on his forehead and continued with his presentation wildly gesticulating."We wear clothes every day but we forget one Simple detail. Change! Throughout history, fashion changes. It's still changing and Boulderfist could be part of this revolution."Nathan stopped jotting and placed his hands on his chin for support trying to figure what the man had just suggested."So you want Boulderfist to start a clothing line with you.""Yes!" The man replied."So how much would you need?"The man was silent for a brief moment and the only sound that echoed in the room was Nathan slightly tapping his foot on the tiled floor."A five hundred to begin with." He finally said.Nathan could almost laugh if he wasn't on professional grounds."Do you have a sample of what you plan to make when you are giving the resources?" Nathan queried further, getting bored with the conversation."Ye-e-s!" The man rushed into his portfolio and brought out a set of drawings. He arranged them neatly to Nathan who glanced through them briefly."So are you going to be the designer?"Nathan watched the man adjust his tie like he was under huge pressure."Me and my wife." Mr. Rodriguez chipped in, his face turning red.Nathan looked at his left fingers and noticed the golden band shining slightly thanks to the influence of the lights. He hadn't noticed that before. His mother's words came to mind. How she wanted to trap him while he was still so young."Well, I've heard enough." Nathan said standing up."  Congratulations Mr. Rodriguez. I'll be signing a contract with you soon and then we can talk about the pay."Nathan watched the man's tensed face turn to a slight smile."Oh my—Thank you, Mr. Nathan."It was no biggie even if he knew he might lose a bit of money. He hardly trusted the man would be successful due to his demeanor but imagining him and a nagging wife was a reason to give charity.He had the same problem albeit a mother.Done with the seminar, Nathan walked out and headed to his office to give himself a mental break.Nathan straightened the stuff on his desk, making sure everything was square and properly spaced. There wasn’t much just a phone, a legal-sized lined black pad, his favorite color, a translucent Bic pen with a black top, and a big plastic cube with a picture of his family which his mother forced him to place there.The Lovely mahogany desk was from his late sister who battled with cancer before losing the battle last year's December. It was the only reason he refused to get rid of it.Nathan sat down to think of where he was going to get a lady to pose as his girlfriend for the night at least to get his mother off his back.His door opened and a small face peeked in. Nathan's eyes opened to see Claire, his assistant. He wished he could use her but his mother had seen Claire and her boyfriend a thousand times and there was no way she was going to believe they would be a thing. They had been inseparable since college but in the workplace, she made sure she took him with the high accord."Mr. Nathan, someone wants to see you."Nathan knew he was still free for an hour or two so he wondered who wanted to meet him in his only free time."Who?" He queried."A lady." Claire replied."should I let her in?""Sure." Nathan buzzed like an exhausted child.Claire walked out and soon later, a young woman came in.She was dressed in a sweeping gown that made her look to casual to be here for business. Observing her from leg upwards, Nathan noted her features.She was slim, like skinny. She had black hair cropped short that balanced her rather long face. She wasn't beautiful in the conventional sense but she was pretty. Her black eyes and plush olive skin were a sight to behold almost making Nathan lust if she wore something more revealing.The woman walked up to him and bowed respectfully."Hello, Mr. Nathan."Nathan broke free from her spell and immediately spoke,"Yes, ehm-you wanted to see me?""Yes! I need your help."This he knew. She needed a little bit of money."How much do you need?" He asked, bringing out a checkbook from his drawer.The woman put up her palm as if to shut him up,"I don't need your charity. I just want to work."Nathan was astounded by her boldness yet pleased that she wasn't lazy."Mrs..." Nathan said trying to get her to say her name."Bianca." She chipped in."Thanks. Mrs...""Miss!" She corrected."Sorry, Miss Bianca, we don't have a job right now for you but not to worry, I can arrange something."The woman immediately fell on her knees when he said this."I'm begging you. I have no place to stay. I'll do anything." The wan pleaded, face down.Nathan was embarrassed. She didn't want money and there was no menial love available presently."Please stand up Miss Bianca. I wish I could help but..."Nathan's mind went reeling just when his phone chimed. It was his mother. He stared at the phone and the woman wan who needed a job simultaneously.What a connection and yet he had almost blindly missed it."Sir?" "Maybe I have something for you but it's personal. Can you act?"The woman didn't even waste a second in giving him her reply."Yes! I acted in middle school."Nathan smirked. He didn't believe in miracles, not since his sister's death but maybe manna did fall from heaven. Maybe it did.