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Chapter 8

  • "Fear a woman with a purpose or just an intent."  Claire roughly snatched the paper from the man's hand."Yes! Yes! He has to see this."Claire mumbled to herself. She needed to give this to Nathan as soon as possible.
  • The paper-man stopped her right where she was.His eyes were somewhat bloodshot and his eyeballs preyed on her."What!?" Claire asked, puzzled."The papers Miss Adriana wanted you to get signed?"Claire was speechless. This was also part of that Bi*ch's plan.How could she be so dumb?"You know of this too?" It was more of a surprise than a shock.The man nodded, not interested in the conversation one bit as his eyes searched the table for the papers."Where are they?!" The man demanded, now in an angry tone.Claire was just dumb. Every piece of the puzzle was slowly coming together, or least how she could see it.The old paper-man was said to have retired, she could sense why now. Adriana had probably planned all these from the start. It made Claire wonder if she was planning all this alone." The papers Miss! Your nephew is depending on you." The mention of her nephew brought Claire back to harsh reality.She reached for the paper which she had securely hidden under her dress. The man stretched his hand to receive the parcel but Claire drew back the paper."You don't have to this Mister. Help me and I'll make sure you receive a reward, you won't go to jail, I guarantee..."Claire stopped speaking when the man burst into a snicker.Why was he mocking her?The man straightened his expression then spoke,"Most of us aren't after money. We are loyal to the  Romero household.""Why?!" Claire screeched.They all seemed to have something against Nathan but there had to be something.The man snatched the paper from her hands and answered,"This company is built on the suffering, ideas, and deaths of many. We are only doing the right thing, Miss Claire."Were they right?Did she not know Nathan?Claire dwelled on the thought and watched the spy/collector leaving."My nephew?""Your nephew has been dropped at your house. Adriana doesn't back down on her promise, Sweet child. We had fun."Fun wasn't her definition for kidnap but as long as her Nephew was safe, that was one burden off her chest."And..." The man continued, now at the door that led outside."You can give Mr. Nathan the papers now."Claire stared down at the paper in her hands. Was it even worth it now?Nathan still deserved the truth so she had to do it.***  "Papers!" Claire declared when she was inside Nathan's work station."Oh thanks, Claire, I've been waiting for those.""Have you checked the internet?" Claire teased.Nathan was old school and frankly did not believe reading news online. Bloggers would do anything just to make green bucks.  "You know me." He answered.Claire placed the papers on his table and excused herself.That was odd!Claire usually lazed around to talk or just stay.Nathan got the paper and now it was time for him to entertain himself with world problems, Cliche business tips, and of course what was going on around the business world.The headlines, however, were the first thing to catch his attention.Bianca's lookalike? WTF!Nathan combed the thin pages for the full news.It read,"Female Mexican business queen, Miss Adriana Romero's lookalike Weds Nathan Galvan..."  Nathan's breathing stopped, he didn't even struggle to accept what he thought.Romero? How could he not see it?If she was so popular, why didn't he get to know earlier?He has little to no answer for the questions he threw at himself.He read on,"The COO of Transcorp..."Wait! Wasn't that one of his competitors' companies?The atmosphere was getting heated each second and the air conditioner seemed to do nothing to stop the sweats sticking to his skin.He had to leave. There were questions he had unanswered and, how he needed them now.  Nathan fled from his office, sealing the door, and raced outside."What's wrong Nathan?" Claire queried despite knowing why."Just some... Just stall for me ok !" Nathan said in a hurry."Ok."Nathan raced for his car and getting in before one could say cranberry, starting the engine of the red Ferrari, he vanished into the road.***Bianca had just received a call confirming the arrival of Nathan's signature. After all these years of plotting, Boulderfist was more theirs. She needed a drink.Finally out of her bedroom, She sneaked into the living room. It was a miracle, Nathan's mother hadn't disturbed her all day for ger small talks. She was in no mood for that.Avoiding Miranda whose eyes were glued to the TV screen whilst snacking like she always did. Did she even know what health complications that could cause?None of her business though!Adriana ransacked the refrigerator ever so quietly in order not to startle the maid who was making something in the kitchen and of course Nathan's mother who was watching an Indian soap.She found what she wanted. A bottle of Baileys, not too strong.She shut the refrigerator and retreated upstairs when something made a loud bang.She turned to see Nathan who was as red as chilly.Somebody is mad."Where is she?!" Nathan demanded, tearing away his tie from his neck."Me?" Adriana played dumb, she was ready for what was coming."You! You manipulator! Serpent! Who are you exactly?"The question of the day. This was the perfect time for Adriana to do what she has practiced in the mirror for four good years."Me?— ""Yes, you!" Nathan screeched, saliva almost dropping out of his mouth.Adriana had never seen him like this. It was even more than she anticipated. She wanted to break him and she was succeeding."Yes Mr. Nathan, I'll tell just who I am!"By this time, Miranda and the maid were already within proximity."I am Adriana Romero COO of Transcorp and your biggest nightmare.""What!", Miranda blurted, a cracker in her mouth scattering to the floor."Well, I have nothing to say to you then Get out!"Nathan then reached out for Adriana's hand but she smacked them off.Nathan was bewildered. She was courageous for a trespasser."I will be going nowhere!"Adriana retorted."I'll call the police." Nathan threatened, dialing a number almost immediately."In my house?"Nathan's phone dropped. It's elegant black screen shattering."What!""Yes! This is my house Mr. Nathan and only me says who will be thrown out as well as your company."All mouths dropped. They couldn't take it."What do you mean?" Nathan stuttered.Adriana walked up to him and placed her lips near his erect right ear, resisting the overpowering urge to bite them off."It means I own you, Nathan!"Nathan's shoulders dropped. His hands clenched into a fist then the inevitable happened.Psssh!!Nathan could not believe what he just did, his hands still rested on Adriana's stung cheeks.Pshh!Adriana returns the favor. Hers was far more wicked.Small drops of tears slid down Nathan's cheeks to the tiled floor."Why are you doing this to me?""Tower" She retorted.
  • Nathan didn't know why the mention of Tower sounded familiar but it did and it symphonized with Romero.