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Chapter 9

  • Kaemon couldn't help but notice a mischievous glint in Sienna's eyes, and a smile tugged at his lips. It was evident to him that the group of girlfriends across the bar had dared her to do something, and he couldn't help but feel a sense of anticipation about the shenanigans unfolding.
  • As Sienna stood there, it was like he could almost hear the ticking of an invisible clock in her head, signalling a decision-making process. Despite her attempts to keep her cool, a hint of fluster and a touch of nerves peeked through. Kaemon found the whole situation delightfully intriguing, like a scene straight out of a romantic comedy.
  • He revelled in the playful suspense, eager to discover the details of the dare that had Sienna contemplating her next move. The charming dance of emotions on her face added a sweet touch to the atmosphere, and Kaemon couldn't help but enjoy the light hearted drama unfolding in the lively bar.
  • Sienna felt a surge of discomfort under his intense stare. His grip on her arm was firm and unyielding. Why did he have to hold her so tightly? She wanted to break free from his grasp, but at the same time, she was drawn to him by a mysterious force. He had a magnetic charm that she could not resist. As Sienna looked into his eyes, a wicked thought crossed her mind. She wondered, what would happen if she kissed him right then and there. How would he react? Would he return her kiss with passion? Would he shove her away in disgust? Would he report her to HR for harassment? She was curious to find out. There was only one way to satisfy her curiosity.
  • She moved closer to him again, this time with more speed and resolve. She shut her eyes and planted her lips on his. He tensed up under her touch and before he could respond, she withdrew and straightened up.
  • “It was just a dare, and I don’t back down from dares like this. So don’t get full of yourself or take this any other way.” She spun around on her heels,
  • “See you around, Kaemon.” She waved her hand casually and walked back to her table, leaving him speechless.
  • Sienna sat down and the girls gaped at her in shock, their mouths wide open. She grabbed a shot of tequila that was on the table and drank it in one gulp, not caring who had ordered it. Sienna was sure she needed it more than them.
  • “Did she really just kiss Kaemon Mace? Or am I seeing things?” Della slurred and hiccupped and the girls shook their heads in agreement.
  • “I need to get drunk,” Sienna muttered as she reached for another glass of tequila, but Rose intervened.
  • “Oh, my God! I’m so sorry! I had no idea he would be there!” Rose said, sounding genuinely remorseful and Mia cracked up.
  • “Wow girl, I honestly thought you would slap him in the face but look at you! You went through with the dare.”
  • “Shut up, Mia. You okay, Sienna?” Ruth asked as she gently placed her hand on Sienna’s shoulder. But Sienna was lost in the memory of his hand on her chin and her lips on his. She resisted the urge to turn around and gaze at him. Was it just her imagination or was there something magical about the way he had held her face?
  • “Look at him sitting there with his friends acting like he wasn’t just kissed by a girl as gorgeous as you,” Ava muttered and Sienna glanced at his table. Her eyes locked on his lips as they twisted into smiles and the way his lips moved as he talked. Her throat felt parched with a desire to fully taste those luscious lips. He paused talking and she looked up to catch his grey eyes on her. Sienna froze and blinked to find him engaged in a conversation with the guys at his table.
  • “Did you see that?” she whispered.
  • “See what?” Ava asked as she looked at her. How did Ava not see how he was gazing at Sienna just a second ago!
  • “Nothing,” Sienna mumbled as she gulped down another glass of sangria.
  • But Sienna knew all too well, she would be thinking of Kaemon’s hand on her chin and his lips on hers for the rest of the night. And she knew her mind would not let her forget the way those greys pierced so deeply into her soul.
  • Kaemon stood there, stunned, as Sienna walked away with an air of casual nonchalance, as if sharing a kiss on the lips was the most trivial thing in the world. Observing her seamlessly rejoin her friends, laughing and indulging in drink after drink, he couldn't discern any change in the atmosphere, or perhaps his eyes weren't sharp enough to catch the subtleties. Downing a glass of whiskey, he made his way back to his table, silently hoping the episode had gone unnoticed. He didn’t want any scandal to break out in the office.
  • Engaging in small talk, he tried to immerse himself in the surrounding conversations, but his thoughts continually drifted back to Sienna. Every now and then, his gaze involuntarily sought her out, and he found himself pondering the implications of their shared moment. Amidst the socializing, he sensed her eyes on him, a burning intensity that seemed to penetrate his very soul. Glancing toward her, he caught her ocean-blue eyes locked onto his lips, an unexpected yet undeniable connection.
  • In that brief second, their eyes locked, and a surge of emotions passed between them. However, Kaemon, perhaps overwhelmed, quickly averted his gaze. Throughout the night, he felt the weight of her eyes on him, an unspoken connection that lingered in the air. Their eyes never met again, but he knew, deep down, that the memory of their lips meeting and the haunting gaze would linger in his dreams, leaving an indelible mark on his consciousness.