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Chapter 10

  • A surge of heat ignited in her lower abdomen as his powerful physique pressed her down. The tantalizing journey of his hand, exploring the contours of her body, sent delightful shivers down her spine. With commanding precision, he pinned her arms above her head, his touch both firm and gentle. His other hand, with a tender pressure, found its place against her neck, adding an unexpected layer of intensity to the encounter.
  • Immobile beneath him, she surrendered to the delight as his tongue delved into the warmth of her mouth. A symphony of moans accompanied their passionate exchange, echoing the palpable desire in the air. His lips ventured down, leaving a trail of sloppy, fervent kisses on her neck. Each bite, suck, and mark created a symphony of sensations, an intricate dance of pleasure and intimacy that etched glorious hickies upon her skin.
  • “Fuck,” he groaned, the weight of desire evident in his voice as he pressed his hips against hers. She writhed beneath him, caught in the powerful current of their passion. His hand, once grasping her neck, ventured down, leaving a trail of electrifying touches along her body. Slipping between her legs, his touch heightened the flames of her longing.
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