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The Unwanted Alpha's Daughter

The Unwanted Alpha's Daughter

Ramzey Jr

Update: 2022-05-24

Chapter 1 Back To School

  • My name is Thelma Richards, the only child of Alpha Lucas Richards or so I was told. My father was exceptionally rich and he ran one of the biggest packs in town: Octavian moon pack.
  • When your father is rich, an alpha and has one of the biggest pack house, what else would you need? Or more correctly, what else did I need? I should be the happiest girl ever, right? If I would be honest, I wasn’t the happiest girl ever. Even when I had come from a rich family.
  • My father had also tried to force a mate on me. I didn’t want to be mated with Drake, the alpha of the Blood moon pack but my father wouldn’t allow it.
  • In fact, we had what seemed like an argument on this topic the previous night. He had always insisted that I would be mated to him whether I like it or not.
  • “Oh shit!” I swerved my car to the right and back to the left. I avoided what would had been a ghastly accident inside the school compound.
  • I wined down and stuck my head out of the window, frustration and pure anger running through my veins.
  • I looked back at the hot guy on Trek Madone that I would have killed. His freckles tanned pale skin looked sexy. He had a bulging triceps, those kinds you find in middleweight wrestlers. His white T-shirt was buttoned halfway to his chest, revealing a sweet black, oiled hair.
  • Wow.
  • I swallowed the urge to tell him, “fuck you.” Rather, I just blinked at him, stuck out my tongue and licked my lips.
  • His mouth draped, round chin curved, surprised at my action.
  • I ignored him and drove to the parking field. I got out of my fucking dark red porshe. The weather was just bright enough and I could notice it from my glass window as makeup glowed beautifully. Eyes were on me, I mean lots of eyes and I love it especially when it came from the boys.
  • It was my second time being here. I wouldn’t say the school was new, but I was new. I changed because my performance in my former school was nothing to write home about.
  • My father had to change me. I looked at my wristwatch, it was 9am and I had class around 9:20. I decided to walk inside the classroom without saying “HI” to anyone. At the entrance of my class stood two double white doors, the type you would see in ultra modern hospitals— neat and unstained.
  • I looked around, chairs and tables dotted the ground in careful perfection from the front to the back of the class— each to their own.
  • The windows were hung low on the walls, lessening the burden for even a toddler to jump inside and out of the class.
  • The white ceiling had white fluorescent bulbs, aesthetically designed and they all looked recent. There were two ceiling fans right above and both were in good working condition.
  • Everything about my class if not the school in general, was new. I stepped inside and everyone began to look at me. I guess the look might be because of the short brown mini skirt I wore or perhaps because I was the newest.
  • It was a good thing in the school, students weren’t forced to wear uniforms unlike my former school.
  • Like I said, I love it when I am being watched. I swayed my butt gracefully and added a little catwalk to my steps until I found an empty wooden chair where I made my self comfortable.
  • I hate keeping friends, especially female friends— those ones are loud mouthed, sometimes. I prefer keeping fuckmates who could put my pussy to rest especially when it starts itching for a cock and then everyone goes their separate ways— no strings attached.
  • I crossed my leg and sat comfortably at my assigned chair. I brought out my phone, and my earpiece. I toggled around my music files until I found a nice blues that I think would keep my morning peaceful.
  • A sweet looking blonde guy with a fluffy hair sitting at the second row of seat in front of me had been looking at one willowy, innocent looking girl at my side. The girl dressed like a Saint.
  • I mean, almost all the enthralling part of her body as a young girl was covered. How could she dress like that in this modern age? I loved her long hair, though it came down to her back in a riotous cascade but the colour almost seemed uniform with her black top and rich.
  • The blonde guy appeared to be sitting with a friend who was also looking at this same girl with a kind of slutty gaze. I didn’t like it and so was the girl. She didn’t seem like she was comfortable.
  • “Are you still going to do it to her?” the friend to the fluffy hair guy asked.
  • “Why not?” the fluffy blonde smirked.
  • “But that would be you going overboard.”
  • “Fuck that shit bro. I ain’t afraid of her or anybody in this school. I want her to taste me and nothing is going to change that.”
  • Taste what? I was curious. The blonde guy looked at me and my gaze caught his. He blinked flirtatiously and gave me a half smile.
  • I didn’t respond. They didn’t know I could hear them perfectly well. Only if they knew that my abilities as a werewolf could make me do some certain things I wouldn’t normally do as a human, maybe, just maybe, they would have been quitter in their discussion. Or maybe they would consider scribbling words they wanted to say to each other in a paper instead of saying it out at all.
  • I looked back at the girl, she wasn’t looking at me, and she wasn’t looking at them either, but her expression showed she knew they were talking about her.
  • She stood up, carried her bag and strutted away to who-knew-where. I watched as the blonde guy with his friend stood up too, their chairs squeaking at the surface as they went for the door.
  • My mood went slack for a moment. I wanted to ignore everything and mind my fucking business.
  • Of course, I was new. I had a class to attend in less than 10 and I also had a task ahead of me: getting good grades. My father had given me a stern warning in the pack house that I had to strive to be the best here and no excuses would be entertained.
  • But then my conscience wasn’t settled as regards the situation at hand.
  • I had a feeling that something was wrong or perhaps, something might be wrong somewhere and might get worse if I didn’t intervene. I could be an asshole sometimes. I could be a slutty bitch sometimes but I just didn’t like it when someone gets maltreated in my presence, or bullied.
  • Yes, bullied is the right word.
  • I stood up and followed the direction the two friends had followed. The way they followed led me to the restroom which kind of surprised me.
  • It appeared the room they had entered was for the ladies because of the drawing done on the wooden door. The door was half-closed. So I paused for a while and listened.
  • “Please, Eric.” I heard a female voice said. “I don’t want to do it.”
  • “Oh please, don’t keep my cock waiting. The task is simple, suck it and I let everything slide.”
  • “Please. . .”
  • “C’mon. Remember I have the video and it could go public if you don’t consider my offer.”
  • Then a short silence ensued from all parties before the female voice made the next pleading sound.
  • “Please. I—uh.”
  • “Hush! Get on with this."
  • I heard another voice laughing— controllably. I think the one laughing must be the friend to the blonde guy, the same guy that had just left with him.
  • But wait, who was the girl? Could it be. . .? No way! I pushed the door open and walked in.
  • Shocked, I saw the blonde guy naked— pants down, mouth almost drooling, eyes buried in lust. He stood almost as tall as me, around 5’10. His short golden hair looked neat and his extra large black polo hid the size of his chest. The golden chain he had on his neck looked costly and it kind of gave him a gangster appearance.
  • I saw the girl kneeling, facing an agitated, freshly shaved, hard dick of the blonde guy. He looked at me, surprised but he didn’t flinch nor shudder by my presence. He just stood looking at me eyeball-to-eyeball.
  • His stunted friend looked a little bit surprised. His black eyes regarded me with consternation. But the blonde guy, again, I guess Eric, managed to put on a manner-less smile on his face, the same he had given me back in the classroom.
  • Asshole. He looked away, focused his gaze at the girl kneeling before him. He behaved as though I wasn’t even there. It was as though nobody had entered the room.
  • He put his hands on the back of the girl’s head and said, “just do this and we forget everything. Alright?” His voice came out soft, begging but nasty.
  • But the girl clearly didn’t want to do it, I assumed. Why would a guy had the gut to come inside the ladies room and ask a random girl to suck his dick? A random girl? Well, it could be they knew each other because she had called him by his name before I had come in. But for whatever reason, I just didn’t care to know. It didn’t feel right.
  • The scene hit me like, let’s say a big guy, hitting your little brother and you couldn’t or didn’t do anything to defend your brother simply because you are scared of the big guy.
  • I wasn’t a coward and I wasn’t planning to chicken out of this situation simply because it wasn’t my fuckin “business.”
  • “Hey fluffy boy,” I said, my voice loud enough to be heard by everyone. “I will do it for her.”
  • They all looked at me, including the girl who hadn’t turned since I was in the room.
  • “You what?” he asked. There was a note of surprise in his voice.
  • I grinned. “You heard what you heard— perfectly.” I wanted to add “fluffy boy” again but it came out as a low whimper.
  • He studied me for a while, eyes unreadable. I saw him twitched his nose and wrinkled the corner of his eyes. Then with a smirk-smile, he said, “Okay Karen,” he pushed the girl aside, “come over here.”