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Chapter 4

  • “I don’t think we’re going to be able to find your Alona tonight, Crissy. She took off running and will be nowhere to be found by now.”
  • I gnawed on my bottom lip. “You’re probably right, she hides very well.” I sighed, “It took me weeks to find her this time.” I hugged my notebook. “If I see her again, will you help me?”
  • He nodded. “Yes. If she belongs with us, then we have to find her.”
  • Belongs with us… Brother. “Oh.” I turned and went into Daxx’s room, dropping down, I pulled my other bag from under her bed. When I looked up, they stood there looking at me. “I am getting closer to finding your brother, Raf, he keeps changing his name…” I tried to remember how many times he had, but couldn’t. “So, I lose him and have to start tracking the new name… after I narrow down which one is his.” I got up and lifted the heavy bag onto the bed and opened it. “It’s not easy. The years he spent in another country… that was tricky to follow.” I pulled out the thick stack of papers and held them to my chest. “But at least I’m in this century now, so if I can just figure out who he was next, I might be closer to who he is now.”
  • Rafael looked at the papers I was hugging and grinned. “That’s amazing. I don’t know how you do it.”
  • I shrugged, “I’m used to processing a lot at once…” I nodded and went back into the other room, “I mean, some days I get hundreds of flashes.” I thought about that for a second. I’d tried to count a few times, but kept losing track. Sometimes I wished my brain had a remote that I could just hit pause and take a closer look…
  • “You get hundreds of visions a day?” He asked, following me out. Huffing out a loud breath, he shook his head. “I can barely handle one or two a week.”
  • I froze and stared at him. “You see things too?”
  • With that smile I liked, he nodded. “I started seeing Daxx about five years ago, that’s how I knew she really existed.”
  • I looked at her, of course she existed. What a strange thing to see. “Are they little clips or long movies? Do yours come with sound? Mine rarely do…”
  • Rubbing her temples, Daxx walked in carrying my bag, she looked at Rafael. “My king wants me to get back ASAP.”
  • Raf chuckled, “I’ve been ignoring his requests.”
  • She gave him a stern look. “I don’t think that’s an option with the mating bond.”
  • Her King? She had a king. That was a kind of cool.
  • Daxx stopped and looked at me, her eyes locked with mine and I knew what that meant, she was going to make a request that I stay put or laid low, like she always did.
  • “I want Crissy to come back with us.” She turned and looked at Raf. “Do you think she’ll need a device? A legal one.”
  • I frowned and looked from one to the other.
  • Rafael rubbed his jaw as he thought, “With the way she can see through magic and spells, I don’t think she will, but to be on the safe side, I’ll get Quint to meet us when we land and bring one.” He pulled out his phone and walked over by the window.
  • Daxx nodded, then turned those blue eyes of hers back to me. I hugged the papers tighter, going to new places never worked out well for me. My mind would explode with the new onslaught of visions popping in.
  • “Crissy, we’d like you to come home with us for a few days.” She smiled and motioned to the papers I held. “You can work on finding the brother, and not have to worry about being caught, chased or…” she smirked, “everything else.”
  • I looked at Rafael as he talked quietly into his phone, then back to her. “I don’t know. Its cool that there’s a place from inside my head that really exists, but I don’t know if my head can handle it.” I glanced to the window. Maybe the rainbow means its going to rain. “It’s used to here, sometimes the hundreds can turn into so much more if I go to a new place.” I wouldn’t mind seeing where Quinton and Rafael lived though. I chewed on my bottom lip, trying to decide if I should chance it. “What is this device? Is it like the ones you’re trying to track down here?”
  • “Sort of, only it would be a legal version of it.” She shrugged, “I don’t need one, and I don’t think you would to stay there, but we’d like to be sure.”
  • “What happens if I do need one and I don’t have it?” Losing things was something I did a little too well.
  • Daxx glanced at Raf, then gave her a nervous look. “We don’t want to find out.”
  • Wide-eyed I looked at her. “If it’s too much for my head to cope with, can I come back?” It would be nice to not have to look over my shoulder for a few days, something I hadn’t had in… well, ever.
  • “Yes.” She smiled. “Just say the word and one of us will bring you right back here.”
  • My heart started beating so fast in my chest, I felt like my whole body was pulsing with it. “Okay.” Taking back the bag she held, I stuffed the papers in it and turned to get my other things.