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Chapter 10

  • Our eyes locked and I could swear I felt the strong pull that drew me to her, I felt so attracted to her that her pain was becoming my pain, the sadness in her eyes was hurting me and all I craved for was her happiness, I found myself getting so attached in a way that I couldn't just understand...
  • Her scent filled my nostril making me shiver, the scent was so sweet, so heartwarming, it made me feel the way I have never felt before,
  • I wished I could walk up to her and hug her close to my body, I just wished I can kiss and take her home, all those were mere wishes because I couldn't even stand up, Dad gaze was on me and it was eating me deeply, it was freaking me out, I don't need a soothsayer to know what would befall me if I got close to the daughter of Wolve.
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