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Chapter 66 KINDNESS

  • Relax Cynthia. Don't feel too tensed.
  • Slowly, Prince Henri finally peeled the gauze off and stopped with the massage although a part of me wanted more from it.
  • "How many hours has it been since this was cleaned?" He asks while his eyes were too focused on my wound as his hand was busy getting something from the kit.
  • "Um..." Getting back to my senses. "I think it has been almost six hours."
  • Prince Henri shakes his head sideways, “You should at least clean it every two to four hours to avoid infection. I'll be back.”
  • He carefully placed my foot back on the floor and took a step inside the bathroom. I sat on the bed, still in shock of what was actually going on right now, until I hear a running water from the tap before it finally stops. He comes out with small basin in his hands.
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