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Chapter 65

  • Traizle
  • When we got home, Lyndon and I stayed quiet for a while. Neither of us tried to talk all the way to our home. Layzen fell asleep too.
  • I broke the silence. "Thank you, Lyndon."
  • "You deserve to know it after all," Lyndon answered. "When we were still young, I do not have the plan to tell it to you. When I heard it too, I was so shocked that I could not believe it at first." he added.
  • He must have been so shocked at that time. Learning secrets you are not allowed to learn is pretty shocking.
  • "I thought, why should I tell you? You are the only one who cares about us. I was scared that if you learned the truth, you would definitely leave us," he said. "We should be the ones who need to thank you. Without you, we don't know what will happen to us." he added.
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