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Chapter 10

  • Traizle
  • "It was because you are an oddball," I answered back. "Who knows, you might just want to trick me and when the time comes, I will accept your offer and give up on my other sidelines. You will tell me you did not offer something like that." I added truthfully.
  • "You are thinking in advance, aren't you?" Said Zarsuelo. "If you want me to prove that I will not trick you afterward, I can bring the contract and let you have witnesses like an attorney or lawyer." he added.
  • He is serious about me working for him. Do I really deserve that offer?
  • "No need," I replied."I will work for you if you promise to pay me in advance." I added.
  • "Give your salaries in advance? No problem! How much do you want?" He answered excitedly.
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