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Chapter 27 Captured

  • I
  • Lexus returned to where he left his motorbike and saw the three cars, of the Black Forest Wolves, left also in the same place. Mind linking their Alpha Daedos, he told him of the situation. They decided to get the three cars as they might use them in their negotiations with the Black Forest's Alpha.
  • After few minutes, Alpha Daedos, Drew and other warriors came and they drove the three cars to their Pack’s village.
  • Lexus requested a private talk with Alpha Daedos, to which the latter agreed on. Drew who was looking at Lexus with fierce eyes can do nothing when his Alpha Father told him to stay where he is and do not follow them.
  • “Lexus, I heard things that I really wanted to clarify with you,” Alpha Daedos started their talk.
  • Lexus nodded and with gloom, look into the eyes of their Alpha. “I found my mate already Alpha. Her name is Daffodil Marby and right now, I am in deep pain and worry because she might be in the hands of the Black Forest Pack’s Alpha already.”
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