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Chapter 8 Nueve Bane Buxus

  • Exiting the hospital grounds, Huxley found himself confronted by an Audi pulling up before him. The door swung open, and Candace emerged with a composed countenance. "What brings you here? Is Emma's accident somehow linked to you?" Candace's mind raced with suspicions that Huxley was involved upon receiving Rexanne's distress call, and seeing Huxley exiting the hospital only heightened her doubts.
  • Approaching with an air of indifference, Huxley stopped a few feet from Candace. Their eyes met, and Huxley spoke with calm resolve, "Is the Emma you mentioned Rexanne's daughter?"
  • "You didn't know?" Candace furrowed her brow, her skepticism growing. She suspected Huxley might be feigning ignorance so she wouldn't hold any leverage over him.
  • "Is Emma my daughter?" Huxley's stare bore into Candace, sharp and unwavering.
  • "You're reading too much into it. Emma was adopted by Rexanne three years ago. She's six now; how could she possibly be your child?" Candace maintained her steady gaze. "And do you honestly believe you're so potent? Do you think you can impregnate Rexanne after sleeping with her once? Huxley, no one can stop you from seeking retribution against Rexanne, but please spare Emma!"
  • Huxley's brow furrowed. Am I overanalyzing the situation? Emma didn't look like she was six years old. Could Candace be deceiving me?
  • "Huxley, did you genuinely have no part in Emma's accident?" Candace gathered her courage to confront him once more.
  • Huxley glanced at Candace but offered no response. Instead, he walked to the holistic pharmacy across the street.
  • "Could it really be unrelated to him?" Candace muttered to herself as she observed Huxley's departure before swiftly returning to her car and driving to the hospital.
  • In Harmony Hospital's surgery observation room, the hospital director, Thomas Royston, alongside Dr. Laffan, Dr. Moesch, and a cadre of senior hospital management, fixed their attention on the playback of Huxley's recent treatment.
  • "Am… Am I hallucinating? Is that the Nueve Bane Buxus? Q-quickly replay it!" Blair Langley, the holistic medicine department's head, burst out with palpable excitement.
  • "The Nueve Bane Buxus? Is its prowess truly that extraordinary?"
  • "It's not merely potent; legend has it that the ninth step can bring someone back from the brink of death! Replay it at once; I need confirmation!" Blair's excitement was so infectious that his entire body quivered, his breaths coming in rapid succession. The Nueve Bane Buxus had been lost to time for nearly a millennium. Blair had only read of it in ancient manuscripts and fragmented teachings.
  • "It is indeed the Nueve Bane Buxus!" As the footage replayed, Blair's figure quivered violently. "I never imagined that I would have the chance to witness the Nueve Bane Buxus technique in action at my age!"
  • Observing Blair's reaction, Thomas eagerly directed his inquiry, "Dr. Langley, do you believe the Nueve Bane Buxus will prove effective for the patient in the special care ward?"
  • Blair paused briefly before responding somewhat tentatively, "It should."
  • "Should?" Thomas furrowed his brow, his expression growing serious. The patient in the special care ward held a unique status, and without absolute assurance, he hesitated to involve Huxley.
  • "Dr. Royston, I am of the opinion that this young man's medical talents are extraordinary. Beyond the Nueve Bane Buxus, he likely possesses additional abilities!" Dr. Moesch interjected.
  • "I agree. The young man addressed the severe bleeding effortlessly, leaving no lasting repercussions! His medical prowess is undeniably exceptional!" Dr. Laffan affirmed with confidence.
  • Thomas glanced at Dr. Moesch and Dr. Laffan, deliberated momentarily, and then proposed, "Let's extend an invitation to him to try and treat that patient. Make a copy of the video and present it to Mr. Patrick so he can look for this man!"
  • "Dr. Royston, I don't believe it's necessary to go to such lengths. That individual should be acquainted with Ms. Fairchild; we can simply approach her directly!" Blair suggested.
  • "No!" Dr. Moesch furrowed his brow and interjected, "That individual appears reluctant to meet Ms. Fairchild. If we rashly seek her out to ask, I'm afraid it might backfire on us!"
  • After pondering briefly, Thomas nodded in agreement, "Dr. Moesch is correct. I trust that with Mr. Patrick's capabilities, he should be able to locate this individual effortlessly. We need not take the risk and look for Ms. Fairchild!"
  • After Huxley purchased medicine for Leon and Audrey, rather than heading home, he waited until after the sunset, shrouded by the cover of darkness, before making his way back. From Bernice's reaction earlier in the day, it seemed she didn't oppose his return. Instead, she just couldn't afford to openly welcome him home.
  • Though he harbored no fear of Ian, Bernice undoubtedly feared potential repercussions and was drawn into further conflict. Moreover, he couldn't just tell Bernice, "I'm fearless now, unafraid of Ian's retaliation!" Even if he voiced such assurance, would Bernice believe him? Instead of wasting his efforts on explanations that might fall on deaf ears, slipping home under the veil of the night seemed the wiser choice.
  • As Huxley neared the courtyard of his house, the sound of Audrey's enraged voice pierced the air. "Uncle Julius, don't go overboard! Offering a mere hundred thousand for our house—do you take us for fools?"
  • "Our land spans three hundred square meters; even at the lowest compensation rate for demolition, we should fetch at least three million! Julius Tahulla, our family does not welcome you; kindly leave at once!" Audrey's voice rang out with determination.
  • Huxley's brow furrowed as he listened, well aware of Julius's unsavory character—lazy and indolent, marrying a divorced woman when he was almost forty, and that too with the aid of Huxley's adoptive mother, Bernice. While Bernice displayed kindness and generosity toward everyone, she undeniably harbored a soft spot for her younger brother, Julius.
  • "Drey, you're forgetting that you'll only receive three million if it's actually demolished! But who's to say when that will happen? Ten years? Twenty years? Can you be certain? If the demolition never occurs, then the property becomes worthless, don't you see?" Julius countered, employing persuasive and logical arguments.
  • "Moreover, your family is currently enduring such hardship, often bullied by Mr. Maclean! Why not sell the house to me, take the hundred thousand, and leave Rivervale to forge a new life in another city? This way, you can break free from Mr. Maclean's grip and embark on a fresh start. Why not seize the opportunity?"
  • "Julius, are you suggesting you've heard the news about our area being demolished?" Audrey retorted with a sneer.
  • "How could you accuse me of such a thing, girl? I'm your uncle; how could I stoop so low?" Julius turned to Bernice, a hint of despair in his eyes. "Bern, can't you say something? Didn't what I just suggested make sense? And even if this area is slated for demolition, do you honestly believe your family will receive any compensation? With Mr. Maclean in the picture, I can assure you that you won't see a single penny!"
  • Bernice, Leon, and Audrey's expressions soured visibly. Indeed, even if demolition loomed, would Mr. Maclean permit them to receive any compensation? They were already privy to Ian and Huxley's ordeal earlier in the day, spending hours consumed by the fear that Ian would unleash his wrath upon them.
  • Audrey clenched her teeth, a sad sigh escaping her lips as she lapsed into silence. Bernice and Leon exchanged glances, communicating silently with their eyes. Just as they were on the verge of resigning themselves to their misfortune, Huxley opened the door and stepped inside. "Mom and Dad, I'm back! The house can't be sold to Julius; he's simply exploiting you!"