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Chapter 14 The Truth Revealed

  • In Harmony Hospital, just outside Emma's room, Huxley lingered beside the window, fixating on Emma's serene form as she slept within. An enigmatic bond tugged at his heartstrings. Candace had divulged that the six-year-old Emma had been adopted by Rexanne, yet Huxley found this assertion dubious.
  • In his estimation, Emma wasn't more than five years old, perhaps just beyond four years old. If this conjecture held true, Emma could plausibly be his biological daughter. His purpose at the hospital was to procure a sample of Emma's blood or a lock of her hair for a paternity test.
  • Just as Huxley poised to step into the room, a woman's voice pierced the air with a sharp edge of anger. "Harris Fairchild, I've severed ties with the Fairchild clan. Leave this instant!" Despite five years of not seeing her, Huxley swiftly identified the voice as Rexanne's, the very woman whose false accusations had incarcerated him.
  • His resentment towards her had softened marginally due to Emma's presence, yet he harbored no inclination to encounter her. With unwavering resolve, he entered the adjacent unoccupied room, sealing the door behind him without pause.
  • In a quiet corner of the hospital corridor, Harris spoke with cold detachment, "Rexanne, you're lucky enough that Mr. Torrence is interested in you. Be grateful!"
  • "Frankie Torrence is a despicable scoundrel," Rexanne countered, her expression icy. "His wrongdoings surpass even those of Ian! Five years ago, you pressured me into marrying a scumbag for your own benefit! And now, five years later, you want to marry me off to an even worse scumbag for your own gain!"
  • "Unfortunately, I was cut off from the Fairchild family five years ago. You have no say in my life anymore, Harris! I advise you not to provoke me. I'm capable of anything!"
  • "That's not up to you to decide. If you obediently marry Mr. Torrence, you won't have to blame me for using certain means to ensure your compliance!" Harris sneered. "Heh, I heard that the illegitimate child was in a car accident today. She's quite lucky to survive such injuries."
  • A cold fury swept across Rexanne's face, her eyes simmering with murderous intent. "Was Emma's accident deliberate? Did you do it?"
  • "I'm related to that illegitimate child. At most, I might have considered abduction to coerce you, but would I truly endanger her life?" Harris retorted with an air of indifference.
  • "Oh, word has it that the illegitimate child's biological father was released from prison today. Shall I pursue retribution on your behalf and beat him up? If it wasn't for him five years ago, you would've long become Mrs. Maclean, basking in opulence and renown. You would never have plummeted to the depths of menial labor, picking up trash for sustenance."
  • Rexanne's gaze bore into Harris with an icy intensity for a long time as she cautioned frostily, "Whether it pertains to Emma or Huxley, you had better refrain from causing them harm!"
  • "If you wish for their safety, then you would do well to comply with marrying Mr. Torrence! It's not only in your own interest but theirs as well!" Harris shrugged nonchalantly as he scoffed. "I'm not endeavoring to intimidate you. Mr. Torrence's tolerance wears thin. Should he reach his breaking point, I cannot foresee the extent of his actions!"
  • Rexanne's countenance soured as she mulled over the rumors circulating about Frankie's character. Known for his relentless pursuit of women, he was notorious for employing extreme tactics to win them over!
  • Coming from Rivervale's wealthiest lineage, Frankie wielded considerable power in the city. With his family's status backing him, he could maneuver through any situation with ease, provided there were no fatalities. Hence, this privilege had fostered in him a reckless audacity. Had it not been for the recent change in Rivervale's governance, Frankie might not have restrained himself. He would've seized Rexanne by force rather than instructing Harris to convince Rexanne.
  • A profound sense of desolation washed over Rexanne. Never had she envisaged herself ensnared once more as a pawn in the Fairchild family's machinations after being cast out from the family for half a decade. Yet, she had never surrendered, and she refused to do so now. "I agree to marry Frankie, but only after Emma is discharged from the hospital," Rexanne warned calmly. "If he can't even wait, then I'll have no choice but to jump off the building with Emma!"
  • Harris looked at Rexanne with a smile that didn't reach his eyes and bluntly exposed her plan. "Do you think I'm unaware of what you're plotting? You're tricking me so I'd go away, then you'll sneak off with that illegitimate child and flee Rivervale? Do you think I'd give you that chance?"
  • "You..." Rexanne's expression darkened. She hadn't anticipated Harris uncovering her plan. What should I do?
  • "It seems if I don't demonstrate my resolve, you might think I'm just bluffing," Harris sneered, striding directly toward Emma's ward.
  • Rexanne's panic flared as she exclaimed, "Don't you dare!" and hastened to follow.
  • Harris barged into the ward, yanking off Emma's oxygen mask and tossing it to the ground, where he callously stomped on it. Rexanne entered just in time to witness the scene, her anger igniting as she charged at Harris frantically. "Harris Fairchild, I'll kill you!" Rexanne cried out. But Rexanne stood no chance against Harris's force; she received a brutal slap followed by a harsh kick, sending her crashing to the floor. The back of her head hit the floor, and she reeled from the impact.
  • Looking down at the fallen Rexanne, Harris cursed, "You wench. You've pushed me too far, but you insist on..."
  • 'Smack!' In that moment, Huxley burst into the room swiftly, delivering a swift, resounding slap across Harris's face. "What in the world, who... ah..." Before Harris could finish his sentence, Huxley seized his neck and forcefully tossed him out of the door. Huxley didn't stop there; he immediately pursued Harris, unleashing a barrage of punches and kicks.
  • Emma was indeed Huxley's biological daughter! Harris repeatedly called her an "illegitimate child," so how could Huxley stand by while his daughter was insulted? But what fueled his fury even more was the suspicion that Harris was the mastermind behind Emma's accident, exacerbated by his callous act of removing her oxygen mask. It was unforgivable. Emma was so young. How could someone be so heartless? Harris was worse than a mere wild animal!
  • It took Rexanne a moment to regain her composure. With Huxley's back turned to her, she hadn't immediately recognized the man before her as the same Huxley with whom she'd shared a fleeting night of passion five years ago. "Impressive!" she remarked, a sense of satisfaction washing over her, even tempting her to deliver a few kicks herself.
  • Five years ago, it had been Harris's family who had spurred Old Mr. Fairchild to expel her from the household. They had also orchestrated the isolation of her parents from the Fairchild family's inner circles.
  • "D*mn it, it's... it's you, you wretched waiter!" Harris exclaimed as he recognized Huxley, only to endure an even more savage beating. " 'Crack.' His right leg bone snapped. 'Crack.' His left leg bone followed suit. Ah... you wretched..." Harris writhed in excruciating pain, on the brink of passing out, emitting a scream reminiscent of a pig being slaughtered. "Waiter!"
  • Rexanne's expression froze. Could it be... could it be him? She took a deep breath, steadying herself, and cautiously asked, "Hux... Huxley Sioux, is that you?"
  • Upon hearing Rexanne's words, Huxley's assault on Harris abruptly halted, his countenance reflecting a myriad of emotions. He should have nursed resentment towards Rexanne, yet upon discovering Emma was his biological daughter, he found himself incapable of harboring such animosity towards her.
  • Five years ago, he was the victim, but wasn't Rexanne a victim as well? Moreover, she was just a vulnerable woman. Huxley couldn't fathom how Rexanne and Emma had managed to survive over the past five years.
  • At that moment, Harris shot Huxley a venomous glare, his voice dripping with anger and disdain. "How… how dare you lay a hand on me, you punk! You... you're finished!" Huxley prepared to retort, but his attention was diverted by what he saw from the corner of his eye. A group of individuals streamed out from around the corner, including Thomas and Blair, whom he recognized, trailed by security guards brandishing stun batons.
  • As Rexanne noticed Thomas and the others, a furrow creased her brow. She couldn't shake the worry that they might be there to help Harris, leaving her concerned about Huxley's well-being.
  • Spotting Thomas and his companions, Harris's spirits lifted. He wasted no time in seeking aid, urgently imploring, "D-Dr. Royston, this kid broke my legs. Please, break his legs in return and then rush me to the operating room for treatment!"
  • Thomas's gaze flickered from Harris to Huxley, ignoring the former but momentarily pausing as he prepared to address the latter. "Doc…" However, upon catching sight of Rexanne emerging from behind Huxley, he refrained from using the title "Dr. Sioux."
  • Although Huxley had saved Emma's life earlier, he had instructed Dr. Moesch and others to keep Rexanne unaware of his involvement. Thomas didn't want to touch a sore spot and risk exposing Huxley's identity as a miraculous doctor. To avoid arousing suspicion from Rexanne, he redirected his attention to Harris, asserting piously, "Who are you? Where do you think you are? This is no place for criminal behavior. Mr. Lund, kindly escort this garbage out!"