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Chapter 13 Patrick's Apology

  • Patrick towered over Huxley, a smirk playing on his lips. Patrick feared Huxley when they were in Fangfirst Gaol, but Huxley didn't unsettle Patrick at present. In Rivervale, Patrick was intimidated by a select few, and Huxley didn't make the cut.
  • As Huxley watched Leon, Bernice, and Audrey pleading with Patrick, a feeling of powerlessness washed over him. He let out a subtle sigh and turned to Patrick. "Fine, I'll go with you," Huxley conceded. Then, addressing his family—Leon, Bernice, and Audrey—he offered reassurance. "Mom, Dad, and Drey, don't worry, I'll be back soon."
  • Pleased by Huxley's acquiescence, Patrick thought Huxley had come to his senses and realized the social chasm that separated them. Huxley shot Patrick a frosty glance before striding toward the door. Without missing a beat, Patrick trailed behind, flanked by Thomas and the others.
  • Meanwhile, Leon, Bernice, and Audrey went to the door, their faces etched with concern, anxiety gnawing at them as they fretted over Huxley's safety.
  • Once they were a short distance beyond the courtyard, Huxley came to a sudden halt. Patrick taunted him, "What's wrong? Thinking of putting up a fight, are you?"
  • Slowly turning to face Patrick with a faint smirk, Huxley quipped, "Since I saved you before, I can also make you return to that state now."
  • Patrick, amused by Huxley's audacity, scoffed, "Heh! Do you fancy yourself a god? I've been checked regularly at the hospital since my release from prison. I'm in tip-top shape. It's ridiculous that you think you can give me lung cancer now!"
  • Huxley's gaze narrowed as he focused on Patrick, calmly stating, "You'll cough up blood in three seconds."
  • "What?" Patrick was about to respond, but then blood suddenly spurted from his mouth before he could say anything, leaving him bewildered. "You… you…" Shocked, his complexion paled, fear evident in his eyes.
  • Thomas and Blair, witnessing the scene, were equally taken aback. No way. It really happened within three seconds! Does everything Huxley says come true?
  • Emery, also known as Foxthorn, hurried to Patrick's side to offer assistance. In the meanwhile, Kasper, known as Wolfshade, stood guard, casting a suspicious gaze at Huxley. "What… what have you done to Mr. Patrick?" Kasper demanded.
  • "Didn't I tell him what would happen?" With a faint smirk, Huxley shot a fleeting glance at Patrick before swaggering off. In truth, since Patrick's lung cancer was cured, Huxley had no way to make Patrick relapse in such a short amount of time. He had merely pressed a precise pressure point in Patrick's lungs, prompting the bloody cough.
  • At this time, Patrick roared, "Wolfshade, beat him up and take him away!" Without hesitation, Kasper lunged forward swiftly with hands balled into fists. As Kasper approached, Huxley suddenly turned around, sending Kasper tumbling backward with a bang. The collision caused Patrick and Emery to crash to the ground, bewildered and in pain. They tumbled for a while before they could get up.
  • "Are… we dreaming? I didn't see what happened clearly. How did Kasper tumble to such a distance?" Thomas and Blair were astonished and subconsciously rubbed their eyes. "How does Huxley do it? Is my vision blurred? Am I hallucinating?"
  • Gazing up with difficulty at Huxley fearfully, Kasper stuttered, "You... you..." before succumbing to unconsciousness. As Patrick and Emery steadied themselves while withstanding their pain, they regarded Huxley with fear and astonishment.
  • "It seems you've forgotten, Patrick, that my talents extend beyond medicine," Huxley remarked coolly as his gaze was fixed on Patrick. "Mr. Patrick, if you wish to avoid perishing, repent and apologize to my parents and sister for an hour." His gaze hardened, his demeanor impassive. "During that time, feel free to summon anyone you please. Let's see if you, the Lord of Rivervale, truly possess influence or if it's all just a bluff."
  • Patrick's expression twisted into a grimace, realization sinking in. He knew Huxley's self-defense prowess was formidable, but he hadn't anticipated Huxley overpowering Kasper, whose skills he knew intimately. There was that one time when Patrick was besieged by a hundred assailants, gravely wounded, and Kasper had borne him to safety on his back, carving a clear path with nothing but his weapon and sheer determination.
  • But before Huxley, Kasper was utterly inadequate, like a mere child, utterly powerless. Patrick watched Huxley's figure recede, his features darkening with each step. As Huxley disappeared into the Sioux Residence courtyard, Patrick muttered under his breath, "To the hospital! I need a thorough physical examination."
  • Upon his return home, Bernice inquired why Huxley had returned so abruptly, but he dodged the question with vague excuses. Bernice, however, launched into a tirade, chastising him for his ignorance and squandering the chance to work at Harmony Hospital. After nearly an hour, Bernice eventually calmed down and urged Huxley to leave, the reason being that Huxley had provoked Ian earlier in the day, making it unsafe for him to remain at home.
  • Though reluctant to depart, Huxley was chased out of the house by Bernice with a broom. Powerless to resist, he had no choice but to leave temporarily, abandoning the notion of taking them to Heady Lodge for the night. Heady Lodge, valued at three hundred million, was a fortune for the Sioux family. Still, even if he mentioned it, they might not believe him. Nonetheless, there would be opportunities in the future—he had no need to rush things.
  • Not long after Huxley's departure, Patrick returned to Sioux Residence alone. He received the results of his hospital examination: late-stage lung cancer. The diagnosis struck him like a sledgehammer, leaving him momentarily paralyzed with fear before he could gather himself.
  • Standing outside the door, Patrick hesitated for a long while before finally mustering the courage to knock. He spoke earnestly, "Is Dr. Sioux here? I'm Patrick. I've returned to apologize to your family for my earlier behavior!"
  • Inside the house, Leon, Bernice, and Audrey trembled with apprehension at Patrick's unexpected words. Apologize? Is that even conceivable? Given Patrick's status, how can he possibly lower himself to apologize to ordinary folks like us? Subconsciously, they all assumed Patrick had returned to stir up trouble. Fearing the worst, they remained hidden and didn't even dare to exhale too loudly, pretending no one was home.
  • After waiting in vain for a response at the door, Patrick's frustration grew evident, his brows knitting together in consternation. In the past, he might have resorted to breaking in. Still, now, he hesitated, unable to muster the audacity for such an act.
  • After a fierce internal struggle, he clenched his jaw and cleared his throat. Disregarding his own pride, shouted loudly, "Dr. Sioux, it was my mistake! Please, I beg you to spare my life! Give me a chance to make amends!" His plea echoed through the walls of the house, a testament to his earnestness.
  • Leon, Bernice, and Audrey exchanged incredulous glances. No way. The Willowbrook Chamber of Commerce's esteemed president is outside, begging? Driven by curiosity, they crept to the window and stole a peek outside. When they saw Patrick earnestly pleading, their eyes bulged from their sockets. He was indeed there, pleading! Is this some sort of illusion? Or has Patrick lost his sanity? How else can this be explained?
  • Despite witnessing Patrick's genuine plea, Leon, Bernice, and Audrey remained resolute in their decision not to open the door, fearing the consequences of letting him in. Under the scrutiny of the Sioux family, Patrick continued to express remorse for his actions, begging for an hour before finally departing.
  • As they watched Patrick walk away, Leon voiced his astonishment, "Is Lee's medical prowess truly that extraordinary? Otherwise, why would Mr. Patrick be reduced to this?" Bernice and Audrey, absorbed in their own thoughts, watched Patrick's figure fade into the distance, their minds buzzing with questions.