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Chapter 6 Dante's Bloodlust

  • Temptation is a certain woman called Isabella Giovanni, kicking me while I’m driving and then me pulling her to my lap to stop her from hitting her head. I’ve never been so worked up about a woman’s body before but fuck.
  • As soon as I had my hands around her waist, her boobs so close to my chest and her ass on my lap, I forgot all about the fact that she almost put us both in an accident and all I could think about was fucking her.
  • I guess that’s a normal reaction giving the fact that the woman is basically a walking temptation. I mean who is even built like that? She’s a literal goddess but she’s so fucking annoying and impulsive. Plus, she’s suicidal. Unlike other women who would kill to have my last name attached to theirs forever, Isabella would rather die than marry me.
  • I don’t know if I should take that as an insult or not. She sure is a handful and I have a feeling she’s going to give me a hard time. I took her to my place yesterday and she has been holed up in her room ever since. I haven’t even seen her since she locked herself up in there and frankly, I’m not sure I want to.
  • Right now, I’m in my office at home and the house is massive but with Isabella here, everything feels a bit smaller.
  • She turns me on without even trying and that’s not good shit for me to be around. But all I know is, ever since I set eyes on Isabella Giovanni, I have this terrible urge to wrap my hands around that dark silky long hair of hers and fuck her from behind.
  • I’m not saying I like the girl. She’s not likeable at all. She’s stubborn and looks like someone who does what they’re not supposed to but I would prefer her any day over her sister Gianna.
  • “She kicked you while you were diving and ruined your car? That’s so hot, bro.” Marco laughs as he raises his legs and stretches them on my office table. I offer him a scowl but all he does is raises his brows at me and offers me a challenging look. I really don’t have time for him right now.
  • “Maybe refrain from calling my fiancée hot from now on?” I warn and Marco raises his hands slightly in a playful way, offering me a wide grin.
  • “I must say I never thought I’d see the day Dante Giuseppe would want a woman who doesn’t want him back.” Marco teases. I’ve seen him looking at Isabella’s ass and I have to fight the urge to pull his eyes out when he does that.
  • And I know he has seen me sparing her a few glances too.
  • “Are we going to talk business or are you going to keep making inappropriate comments about my fiancée? Keep it up and I’ll shove my leg so far up your ass…”
  • “Fine.” Marco cuts me off and immediately gets serious as he takes his legs off my table. Marco and I may argue like cat and dog but when it comes down to it, he’s probably the only person I ever trust with anything. Our parents are dead and if I didn’t have Marco by my side, most of what we have today would never have been possible.
  • “Now that the alliance with the Giovannis is set, we have more territory to occupy, hence more power and a greater market is open for us. Your fiancée’s dad has a lot of connections that could help us expand so I guess we can say this has been a success.” Marco leans back in his chair and pops out a cigar.
  • “Don’t fucking smoke that shit in my office Marco.” I say before he can light the cigar and he lets out a frustrated groan as he shoves the cigar back into his pocket.
  • “You’re such a killjoy.” He argues before continuing. “What are we going to do about the attack on our warehouse last week?” He asks furrowing his brows as he waits for my answer.
  • Last week an idiot decided it was a good idea to steal from me. It didn’t even take me that much time to find out who it was but I’ve let him off the hook for this much time because I wanted to see if he was working with anyone else. So I could capture all of them and fucking put bullets through their skulls.
  • Do they not know who the fuck I am?
  • They didn’t even think to immediately leave the country after stealing from me. I mean I’m kind of impressed that they were even able to pull it off which is why I put up even better security after the attack and got rid of the previous guards.
  • They’ve ben parading around city, basically rubbing it in my face that they succeeded to steal from me, Dante Giuseppe. I lick my teeth in annoyance as I feel a familiar bloodlust creeping up my neck.
  • “My men are bringing them in tonight. We’ll make an example out of all of them. They’re six in total.” I smirk evilly.
  • “We’ll make a video as we kill the lot of them and distribute it to the dark web. I’d like to see who else would dare steal from us after the video of us torturing and killing them goes up.”
  • I have a torture room right here in my mansion. I only use it when I’m super pissed and yeah, I’m pretty fucking angry that people had the nerve to steal from me.
  • Marco smiles in concurrence at me and stands up from his chair, brushing invisible dust off his trousers. “I’ll be back then for all the fun stuff. Just let me know when the idiots are here and we can kill them together. I need to lay off some steam anyways.”
  • Marco only needs to lay off steam as he says when his girlfriend Valencia breaks up with him, which means right now, he probably hasn’t been laid in a while and he’s frustrated.
  • “Did Valencia break up with you again?” I ask him with a teasing smile and all he does his lift up his fingers in a fuck you sign and walks out of my office. I don’t know why Marco just had to go and fall in love. With the life we live and the kind of business we run, falling in love is a liability and can get you into a lot of trouble.
  • A person you love can be used against you. Valencia wasn’t born into this world. She’s just a normal girl that Marco met and I was worried when Marco told her about our lifestyle. I literally almost killed her when I found out he had told her. But after a year of them being on and off with each other, I’ve realized she doesn’t really care if Marco and I are stone cold killers or not.
  • To be honest I think their relationship is toxic. I don’t even know why they keep breaking up only to get back together a week later. I shake my head and let out a sigh as I lean my head back on my office chair.
  • I can’t wait for tonight so I can also blow off some steam by killing the people who stole from me. I need to get Isabella Giovanni out of my fucking head.
  • Right on cue, as if she knew I was fucking thinking about her, she pushes the door to my office open and I feel a wave of heat rush to my dick as soon our eyes meet.
  • Fuck me…