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The Lycan Princess And Her Twin Alphas

The Lycan Princess And Her Twin Alphas

Lady M

Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 The Mating Ball

  • Amirah
  • Her fingers brushed against the delicate fabric of the gown, as she twirled in front of the mirror, excitement bubbled inside her. The dress hugged her figure just right and accentuated her voluptuous body.
  • “Oh my Goddess, you look stunning friend, he is going to lose his mind when he sees you,” said Frieda.
  • “Yes, you are going to knock him out,” chimed in Freya.
  • “Thanks guys, I can’t believe that finally, I get to tell Elijah how I feel,”
  • “Okay, time to go,” said Freya, smiling at Amirah.
  • “Okay, so you guys remember what the plan is right?”
  • “Yes, as soon as he walks through the lobby, we give him the note and key to this room,” replied Frieda, the twins rolled their eyes at her.
  • “Okay, okay, I get it. I just don’t want any mistakes tonight, this is my one shot, and after tonight my life is never going to be the same,”
  • “We understand friend,” said Frieda.
  • “Relax, we got this. Everything will go as planned and someone will be marked and mated by dawn tomorrow,” teased Freya. The girls all giggled giddily. Amirah was so glad to have such great friends. The gamma twins, as everyone calls them, Freya and Frieda were the only close friends she had besides Elijah of course. They all have been friends for so long and their friendship was considered unusual because high rank children never befriended low rank omegas.
  • The twins gave her a quick hug and left. Tonight was the Annual Mating Ball. Amirah had worked all summer to get enough money to book a room at the Grandé Hotel, where the ball is always held. She nervously stood by the ceiling to floor windows, looking outside at the starry sky of MoonShadow Town, home to the MoonShadow Pack, located in Luporia state.
  • “Di?”
  • “Yes, Rah,” replied Dione, Amirah’s wolf.
  • “You too quiet, what’s up?”
  • “I don’t know, but I have a very weird feeling about this,”
  • “Why, worried his not our fated mate?” Amirah and Dione had a very special relationship. They truly were intoned and trusted each other’s opinions. Amirah got Dione at just 14 years, when most people get their wolf at 16 and only shifted when they turned 18 but not Amirah and Dione. She shifted at 15.
  • “No, maybe… I don’t know how to explain it, but just be careful and prepare yourself for anything, okay?” sighed Dione.
  • “Okay, Di” Amirah put up a wall between her and Dione. She needed to think without anyone privy to her thoughts. Elijah had always been the one for her and she knows their relationship will face a lot of criticism, with her being an omega, and him being the future Alpha of the MoonShadow pack.
  • The door to her room creaked open and she straightened her back and snapped out her thoughts. He was here, he came.
  • “Okay, Amirah relax. You can do this” she thought, encouraging herself, because Goddess knew she needed all the strength and courage she can master.
  • Still looking out the window, a delicious scent of vanilla graced her nose and she felt her heart beat pounding. She pressed her thighs together as she got aroused by his scent. The sexual energy in the room was immediate and intense.
  • “Well, this just got interesting,” said Elijah, but his voice was deep and rough, unexpected of this change, Amirah turned around to look at him and a gasp resounded around the room, as their eyes locked, Dione pushed through her barriers to whisper one words,
  • ‘MATE’
  • Tears gathered in her eyes as she rushed across the room and into Elijah’s arms,
  • “I knew it. I knew we were fated mates. Oh Elijah, you don’t know how much I have waited for this moment. I have loved you for many years,” she sobbed into his shoulder. Elijah remained frozen and Amirah pulled back, surprised at his cold manner and that was when she noticed other changes. The biggest change being his eyes. The boy she knew all her life and loved had clear crystal blue eyes, not these intense haunting grey eyes that went a shiver down her spine.
  • “Maybe, they changed. She too was not the same little girl he left behind when he went to Alpha training camp 2 years ago,” thought Amirah.
  • “Huh, look we need to talk,” said Elijah, placing her at arm’s length away from him. As she continued to stare at him, she saw the cold detachment in him and her heart sank, he was going to reject her.
  • “Uhm…Rah, something is wrong. I don’t think this is…” said Dione but Amirah cut her off and reinforced the wall and block her out. She did not have time to listen to Dione right now, when her life is about to crumb before her. She had to convince Elijah that they were right for each other. She saw that Elijah was about to speak and she panicked and kissed him to keep him from saying anything.
  • At first Elijah remained frozen but after a few minutes he started kissing her back and Amirah felt excitement and happiness burst inside her. She felt sparks flow throughout her entire body and was desirous with joy. As the kiss continued, Elijah pulled her closer and his arms tightened around her. Amirah moaned into his mouth and a growl came from Elijah before he picked her up and walked to the bed. He laid her down on the bed and settled right between her legs, as he deepened the kiss. Their tongues swirled around each other and his hands started caressing down her body, squeezing her supple flesh by her hips.
  • Elijah grinded into her and Amirah’s hips lifted from the bed to meet his body. She felt the bump against her clit and pulled back from their kiss to scream out her moan. He kissed down her body and Amirah opened herself up to him and offered herself completely. Tonight she and Elijah are becoming one as it should be.
  • The following morning, Amirah is startled awake by banging on the door. Confused she turned to her left to look at Elijah, but the bed was empty. She reached to the empty spot and felt the sheets where cold, meaning he left a while back.
  • “Why would he leave and not tell her,” she wondered. The banging grew more urgent, as Frieda’s voice filtered through the door,
  • “Amirah, are you in there. Open up,”
  • “I’m coming, one sec,” Amirah quickly got a robe from the bathroom and wore it, she was worried and confused by the urgency in her friend’s voice. She went to the door and opened it. Frieda and Freya stormed in and looked around the room in confusion,
  • “Why is your link blocked we have been trying to mindlink you all morning,” yelled Freya.
  • “Guys, what’s wrong?”
  • “Did you spend the night here?” asked Frieda,
  • “With Elijah?” added Freya. Amirah frowned at her friends, what weird questions, they must be pranking her. Amirah rolled her eyes at her friends. They had a neck for pranks.
  • “Hahaha, really funny guys, but seriously, what’s wrong, you both look spooked,”
  • “Mira, Elijah is on a war path looking for you. He claims that you are missing,” replied Frieda. Amirah’s frown deepened, Frieda’s words left her baffled.
  • “What do you mean? Why would he be looking for me, when he left me here?”
  • “We don’t know. All we know is that we got a mindlink from Matt asking us if you were with us, we said no and he said you missing,” said Freya.
  • “Yeah, so we rushed here and asked the front desk what time you checked out and they informed us that you haven’t checked out,” added Frieda.
  • “But I spent the night with Elijah, why is he ordering everyone to look for me? Okay, guys if this is some joke, it’s not funny. I hope you are about to burst out laughing shouting JK.”
  • The twins exchanged a worried look and shook their heads,
  • “Friend, we not joking,” replied Frieda.
  • “I think we need to get back to the pack house, right now,” said Freya. Amirah nodded and went to the bathroom to get dressed. Something was wrong but she thought that there still must be some good reason for whatever is happening or it might simply be a misunderstanding. Maybe, he regretted what happened between them and now is pretending like he has not seen here? Or maybe he was drunk and did not remember what happened? These thoughts ran through her mind as she got ready. As she brushed her teeth looking in the mirror she froze as she spotted her marked neck. She froze just staring at Elijah’s mark, she was mated to Elijah. Amirah felt so much joy but it was short-lived because now she had more questions, if he marked her, why is he looking for her?