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Chapter 9

  • The taxi comes to a stop at the Inferno company building and Shawn gets down and pays the taxi driver before turning around and looking at the gigantic building.
  • There's a chill that runs down his spine as he looks at the building once again. Maybe it's because he was thrown out of this place three months ago and his plead and cry for mercy fell on the deaf ears of Cainan Inferno who now wants him back.
  • Shawn isn't thrilled, no. He has a bad feeling about it and he knows it's not going away anytime soon. Although hoping for the best he's reminded who he's working for and that's Inferno.
  • At exactly 8:00, he steps into the fourth floor of the building and he remembers most of the faces that turned to him and some stare at him with a face filled with confusion, others stared with surprise and yet others with scepticism. A cold chill runs down his spine, but he puts himself under control and makes his way towards Jacob the secretary desk.
  • "Good morning," Shawn says, hoping to start a smooth conversion with him.
  • He glances up from his desk, his brown eyes dull and lazy for the early morning. "Yes? Can I help you?"
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