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Chapter 23

  • "You're quiet," Neriah points out as she and Cainan make their way back from a close-by church walking.
  • It is a somewhat sunny Sunday and Neriah is sure that it might as well be her last and so she spends every moment like it might be her last.
  • It was a ten minutes’ walk back home and all Cainan has said since they began walking was "No thank you" to Shawn who offered them a ride back home. It was unlike Cainan to be quiet, yet Neriah notices that he was and she begins to worry for him.
  • "I'm sorry," he apologises.
  • She shakes her head and glances at him, "Don't be, you've got every right to be blue and sad over Clara, you might not have been head over heels in love with her, but you still cared."
  • "I couldn't help her," he said, through gritted teeth, "I had everything that could have kept her and the little one safe, but yet I couldn't."
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