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Chapter 15

  • "Are you going to stay at the door all day?" Neriah asks, turning from the TV and glancing at Cainan who's been at the door for a long while now.
  • "Not really, what's on?" He asks, walking into the room. Neriah sees a black shopping bag in his hands and as much as she tries to ignore it and focus on the TV she couldn't. 
  • "Black Panther," she answers looking at the TV before turning to stare at him. "What's in your hand?" She asks, her curiosity getting the best of hers. 
  • His eyes drop to the bag in his hands and his hands tighten around the handle as though trying to keep it secure, but he speaks up. "Well, you know how you always said if this cancer didn't return, you'd be out chasing your dream of being a fashion designer?"
  • "Yeah," she trails off not knowing what he's driving at and isn't sure she can wait for the reveal of what he's holding.
  • "I got you a journal, I want you to sketch out the designs you hope to work on and name what you need and I'll get it for you."
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