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Chapter 32 Solid Evidence 

  • That soft and low pitched hum was the sound that came from the machinery in the elevator shaft. A moment later, from a distance, I heard a soft “ting” of the elevator chime. The elevator had stopped on this floor.
  • As expected, very soon afterwards I heard Chun Tang and Chen Yuzhou conversing at the other side of Lin Fang’s door.
  • Completely outside of our expectations, the few “what if he said this” scenarios that I drafted up with Chun Tang had been a complete waste of effort.
  • It seemed that, right now, all of Chen Yuzhou’s blood had rushed to his third leg already. Either that or somewhere else other than his brain, because he wasn’t thinking at all. He didn’t pay any attention at all to Chun Tang, and waved him off and dismissed him almost as soon as he came inside Lin Fang’s house.
  • In the dark, Chu Xiaoxiao had pulled the sheet over her face, but left her flowing hair out spreading behind her on the pillow. This way, even if Chen Yuzhou turned on the light, he wouldn’t be able to see through the act short of pulling off the bed sheet entirely.
  • Hiding in the darkness, I felt my breath slowing down.
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