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Chapter 9 You wanna taste the rainbow?

  • CThe Head Goddess of the floor brought Amberleigh some ice and told her to go get cleaned up. That was certainly gonna leave a mark and her face was still tender from that fucker Tio. At least Ebony had called a truce of sorts and slid down to the ground to check on her friend. Amber assured the other girl she was fine and promised she would be back to the floor soon. She refused to let something like a busted lip knock her ass out of the game. Amber took thirty minutes to ice up her face and then touch up her makeup before she was back out in all her glory.
  • She got down to business doing moves horny pervs fantasized about the night after they took their kids to the circus. But here at this circus, perverts were welcomed and encouraged. Within reason anyway. Amber had heard rumors the club had underage workers, had seen some teenagers here and there, but didn’t want to believe the place, which had been so good to her, was selling children for sex. That stuff was kept hush hush around here and she didn’t want to fucking know about it. Out of sight, out of mind.
  • She hoped those dark rumors weren’t true, but she knew they probably were. It sickened her by the mere thought alone. Amber had been molested by one of her mother’s drugged out boyfriends before the state removed her from her mother’s custody. That boyfriend had disappeared soon afterward in what Amber thought was a steal her mother’s stash and run. The molestation was added to a file as thick as a dictionary with complaints of abuse and neglect against Krystal Dubois and her second overdose witnessed by her six-year-old daughter.
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