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Chapter 6 The senator's been a bad boy

  • It took Amberleigh about twenty minutes to slip into her costume, freshen up, touch up her makeup, and gather her toys. When she was a good as she was ever going to get with the face God had given her –by way of a drug addicted mother with meth sores who fucked her dealer and got knocked up – she strutted down to the senator’s private suite with her baton in hand. She pounded on the door loudly with her stick. The senator didn’t even open his own door. He had a personal assistant for that. But she could work with this.
  • She had to stay in character after all. She slapped the baton against her palm as she spoke to the bored looking twenty-something dark-haired man at the door. “I’m here about a noise complaint against Senator Berkshire.” The assistant didn’t speak, but simply opened the door wider to allow her to enter. He exited the door and closed it behind him. It didn’t seem to faze the man that he’d followed his charge to a sex club and was now letting his employer’s hooker in. The P.A. must have seen lots of shit and signed massive amounts of non-disclosure forms. Amber made a great show of sauntering across the room and checking her surroundings. It was fancy digs of course. A mirrored wall by a bed the size of a soccer field.
  • A massive fireplace, ugly ass orange couches, heated bamboo floors, expensive art which looked like an unsupervised preschooler did it, and a hot tub big enough for a ten person orgy. Oh, and the platform with the pole, along with chains mounted to the wall, hanging from the ceiling, and a sex swing. The man himself sat in an armchair nursing a brown alcoholic beverage and looking like a king of a communist country.
  • His salt and pepper hair was in an expensive cut, his facial hair groomed meretriciously, manicured nails, whitened teeth, forehead that didn’t move when he smiled, the whole nine yards. “I’ve had a complaint about excessive noise Senator. It seems you’ve been a bad boy.” Amber stroked her baton up and down. The Senator’s mouth upturned, and he eyed her hungrily as he finished off his drink. Then he rose to his full height as she approached. He liked to look down upon people, but in this room, she was in control. She had lots of stuff planned for the bad boy. “I have been bad. The worst,” he challenged. “Bad boys get punished Senator. But first I need to pat you down.
  • To see what you are hiding in that big package you have stashed between your legs. Hands against the wall.” “I got a license to carry officer.” The senator loosened his tie and grinned like a guilty schoolboy as he assumed the position. Amber caught her reflection in the mirrored wall. Her tight blue skirt didn’t quite cover all of her ass, the black corset made her breasts pop nearly all the way out and gave them an extra boost. The matching blue shirt was unbuttoned halfway down, Officer Shag was stitched on the front lapel, and a blue hat was perched upon her head. Around her waist was her utility belt full of fun toys. She made slow and tantalizing work of patting the senator down, first over his clothes, then beneath them.
  • She could already feel his arousal. She made several passes between his legs and made a very thorough search there. ““I’m going to need you to take your clothes off Senator. I think a strip search is in order.” “Whatever you say officer.” The senator removed his clothes slowly, piece by expensive piece until he was down to nothing but a pair of white cotton boxer shorts. She licked her lips and stroked her baton as she watched him undress. Guys went crazy over that sort of shit. She raised her voice and widened her stance, “I said all your clothes off! Now. Are you resisting an order from an officer of the law Senator?” “No Officer. Right away.” He slipped his boxers off and the cotton hit the floor. Amber eyed his package and fanned herself. For a moment she pretended to be speechless. But truth be told, the senator’s hard dick was just average. Nothing to sing songs about or start wars over or anything.
  • But maybe he knew how to use it properly which could help make up for its shortcomings. “Senator, you do not have an adequate license to pack so much heat. I’m going to need to take you in. Hands behind your back. Resist me and you will be punished.” The senator didn’t right away listen to her commands. So, she was forced to get a bit rough and shove him down onto the couch. He was certainly resisting arrest, so Amber pulled out her baton and gave him a whack on his ass.
  • Not hard enough to bruise, but enough for a red welt to appear as she attempted to cuff him. He moaned. “Stop resisting Senator!” She pulled his arms roughly behind his back and snapped the handcuffs around his wrists. She helped him to his feet and then ran her hands along his naked body. She was sure to touch all his parts, paying special attention to the ones his clothes usually hid. She palmed his balls, giving them a firm squeeze and once over. Next, she moved her hand to stoke his cock, probing the undershaft with her thumbs. The senator grunted as she thoroughly inspected his tip with her fingertips roughly. Was the senator open to cavity searches she wondered? Amber slipped her fingers around the mounds of his ass cheeks and close to his asshole. “I’m going to need you to bend over and spread them Senator.
  • A cavity search is in order. He was a good sport as he gave her a wicked grin over his shoulder. Amber used her boots to push his feet apart into a widened stance. She pushed his back down towards the couch. She used her hands to grab his cheeks and pull them apart. His hard dick dangled down between his hairy thighs. He also had an incredibly hairy ass. The senator resisted his cavity search, fidgeting around in her hold, so it earned him another spanking with her baton.
  • He seemed to enjoy his bare ass being spanked, so Amber gave him a couple more licks with her stick. But she decided not to finger his ass or push her luck. Not all men were into being on the receiving end of anal play of course, while many wouldn’t mind to fuck a woman up the ass. Amber watched the senator’s dick leak a trail of juices down his thigh as she spanked him. Satisfied he had no contraband, she turned him to face her once and placed him upon the couch.
  • She gave him a stern gaze and placed the outstretched baton against his chest. “What did I tell you Senator about resisting? Do not disobey me! Submit Senator or I will be forced to punish you again.” She ran the baton down his pudgy chest and pushed it roughly against his swollen cock. He grunted at the pain of it. She fondled his stick with hers getting other types of noises from his mouth. She stroked the length of him with the baton being sure to drag it over his head. He was straining to hold back his release. So she removed her stick between the senator’s legs. Amber bit her lip and ran her baton down across her chest and lower down her body. The senators’ eyes watched the baton’s whole decent downwards then back up again. His cock was bulging at the seams and leaking even more juices. When Amber brought the baton back up her body, this time she sucked the end of it into her mouth. In and out she sucked and stroked the baton. The senator was fidgety, his breathing growing more ragged.
  • Next, she drug the baton down the full length of her body and slipped it up under the thin fabric of her skirt. She rubbed it against her engorged folds. The senator was practically salivating now. Amber moaned as she pleasured herself until she was nice and wet. Then she sat upon the coffee table and spread her legs open so he could watch. He was on the edge of the couch now. She freed her breasts from the fabric and began to play with her hardened nipples. “I may be willing to let you off the hook just this once Senator. But I could get in real trouble for this.
  • So, you have to make it worth my while.” He nodded and got to his knees with his hands still cuffed, “Oh, I got just what you need officer.” SShe doubted this man had ever been on his knees in his life before now. He took her nipple into his mouth and sucked while she continued to caress herself with the baton in a building crescendo. His cock worked its way towards her opening as he moved closer. And Amber cried out when she came. The senator continued to lick and suck at her breasts and nipples while she enjoyed her climax. Amber moved the baton, still moist with her own juices to the senator’s lips.
  • The ultimate test of his obedience as she held it at the threshold of his mouth. Like a good boy, he opened up and sucked the baton into his mouth. Sucking it clean of her. Amber was pleased indeed by his obedience. Good boys deserved a reward. When Amber gathered enough breath, she gave him another command, “I wanna play with your baton, Senator.” “Of course. Anything for an officer of the law. I’m an upstanding citizen.” Amberleigh retrieved her baton to her side and made her prisoner rise to his feet.
  • She got on her knees before him. She took him roughly into her mouth. She knew it wouldn’t take long as the senator was already about to blow. She worked her mouth up and down his pulsating shaft. She watched him as she sucked his cock. He went over the edge quickly when she ran the baton down his abdomen. So, he was one of those, as he pulled out and dripped his down along the cleft in her chin and across her face. Amber was used to it, though she still wasn’t a fan of facials. But she wanted that hefty tip dammit, so she went the extra mile and licked it off her lips. He enjoyed that of course. He collapsed on the couch, heaving and sweating like a whore on nickel night. She discreetly cleaned the rest of his juices off her face with a tissue. She glanced at the digital clock. Her shift began in about thirty minutes. She barely had time to shower and prepare herself.
  • She un-cuffed him, “Stay out of trouble. Or you’ll be seeing me again real soon Senator.”
  • “That’s all the more incentive for me to be a bad boy, Officer. Tell my assistant to send the next officer in.” “Yes Senator. Right away.” She gathered up her stuff not offended in the least. Amber was ready to move on to other pussy or dicks as well. He reached for his drink and his wallet. He threw a stack of bills on the table. She was lady enough not to count it in the room. But as to whether she would actually be seeing him again, remained up in the air. Her vagina had been spared of the senator’s mediocre cock at least. Amber waited until she was on the elevator to count the money. Two grand for roughing the senator up a bit, pleasing herself, and sucking his cock for like five minutes. Easy money. Not too shabby. Wait till she flashed it in Ebony’s face. And the night was just getting started!