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Chapter 47 Return The Favor

  • When I walk into the canteen a few hours later, I see that the Alpha Glary's usual seat is empty.
  • Also, where Clarita always sat next to me is open. Hungry I take a seat and eagerly start my meal. I'm almost ready to go back to class when someone plops down next to me. It's John Ogabe, the future Gamma of the pack. His strong scent invades my nostrils, and hard I push the food back into my stomach.
  • “Mercedes, tell me. Will you still be the Beta of our pack? Because I'd be happy to take over from you," he explains plainly. His directness doesn't surprise me, I've always found him rude and, therefore avoided his company. “I'm happy to hand the position over to you, John. As you already know, I have a higher one in my pocket”, I tell him proudly. “I stole the heart of an incredible Alpha and he can't wait to make me his Luna. So, you see, Beta John, be my guest.”
  • Before I manage to get up, he tries to grab my arm. But I manage to avoid his grasp. He is provoking me, almost everyone in the pack knows I'm not too fond of physical contact. The only one who comes close to me is my mate, so all others keep their distance.
  • I decide to stay in my place, whatever is on John's mind, I want it all behind me.
  • “Tell me, Mercedes”, he starts again. “The pack is buzzing that Clarita was rejected by her mate. He's from your mate's pack. Is that true?". I sigh, getting into a gossip chain isn't really my thing. And I wasn’t able to speak to Kenry and Clarita yet. Besides that, I don't know John's plan to approach me. “Well, why don't you ask her yourself, John? I haven't spoken to her myself yet, but even then, it's not up to me to give information about her personal life."
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