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Chapter 8 Cries

  • At dinner, we are in silence while eating our food. No one dared to break the tranquility engulfing the whole dining area. All we could hear was the sound coming from our utensils—fork, and spoon hitting the plate. Our breathing is being controlled, avoiding creating any sound. I looked at Aisle beside me then glanced at Helena afterward. I saw her pointing my daughter using her lips so I arched my brow. Giving her my what-look. She rolled her eyes and then turned her focus on her food again. I even heard her breathe, deep and hard which followed by mine.
  • I once again locked my gaze to Aisle. She's busy spooning the rice in her plate and then silently bringing it to her mouth. “Baby…” finally, I was able to break the silence. “Do you love the food?” I added, trying to create conversation.
  • She simply looked me up and then brought down her eyes again. I don't like to think that she is avoiding me but her actions say it. Her eyes seem to avoid mine and it makes me worried. Especially when she didn't answer my question.
  • “Baby…” I hold her hand. “Is there something wrong? You know you can tell it to me… to your Mama Helena,” I insisted.
  • She breathes out. I thought that she will be going to answer finally but then, I got panicked when she suddenly burst out crying. I hurriedly lifted my butt out of my chair and drew nearer her so I could stop her but it was futile.
  • “Hey… why are you crying,” I asked. Helena is being confused too. “Aisle baby… don't cry.” I caressed her back and then bring her to my arms.
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