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Chapter 19 Responsibility

  • I don't know what emotion weighs most after knowing the whole truth from Logan. Regret and guilt are eating me at the same time. How I wish that I didn't have known the truth because f*ck, it's damn hurt.
  • “I suffered from an accident, Alice… it cause me head injury causing me to forget you. But if that didn't happen to me, hell will freeze first before I could forget you.”
  • His voice as he says those words are still fresh in my mind. It actually keeps me awake last night the reason why I felt so sleepy and exhausted this early in the morning.
  • “Hey, Alice!” I lifted my head drowsily at Lyndon who just entered the office. He strode towards my table and then place a cup of coffee. “Coffee to awaken your sleepy soul.” He winked before entering Logan's office but as I followed him by my gaze, I saw Logan clenching his jaw while eyeing Lyndon like he was his prey.
  • Sometimes, I couldn't help but think that he is jealous of his brother but in the end, I always shook that thought away. Yes, he acts so nice to me now. His treatment of me change since he suspected Aisle as his child but it doesn't mean anything. He is only doing that because of Aisle, because of his child… nothing more, nothing less. Huh, as if I forgot how he compared me that night? In fact, every time I assume that he is jealous of Lyndon, I always forced myself to think of that night. When he called me while he was drunk and then suddenly compared me to Ynez—the love of his life.
  • “Alice, come here.” I looked inside where I saw Logan staring at my place while speaking on the intercom. I didn't answer, instead, I went into his office directly.
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