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Chapter 18 The Truth

  • Days passed by in a blur. It's been a week since Logan confronted me about Aisle and even though he already found out the truth, I still denied it to hell. And just like what he told me that day, he is so desperate to find any evidence that will prove his conclusion. What kind of evidence? Well, I am clueless. I am also still obliged to work in his company even though I already filed lots of resignation papers. That the end of the day, he always tore those papers into pieces—not accepting my resignation. And, oh! I almost forgot to mention how my life turned upside down because of him. Since everyone in the company saw us arguing like a lover, I immediately became their center of discussion. That every time I came into the company, I entered the cafeteria, I walked into the hallway, their eyes are all on me. And God knows how much I hate their attention.
  • “Alice, come here.” I rolled my eyes upon hearing his voice from the intercom. I didn't answer, instead, I pushed my feet inside. I saw him calmly seating on the couch with his legs crossed together.
  • “What?” I asked, showing him my unpleasant reaction towards him. Why would I even hide it? He's perfectly aware that I already hated working on him yet he is too persistent in not giving my freedom. Now, he must suffer the consequences.
  • He patted the space beside him, telling me to sit there but I didn't even move in my place. “Come on, Alice… stop being stubborn,” he complained.
  • I rolled my eyes again. Perhaps, it was my hundred times on rolling my eyes since my day starts today. “If you just want to annoy me, then you won. Now, if you are done, mind if I excuse myself –”
  • “Stay still, Alice. Sit beside me,” he cut. He stood up and strode towards me then held up my hand before dragging me towards the couch. I wanted to protest but when he already cornered me, I gave up. "Eat,” he said, tugging out some food box out of the paper bag on top of the table.
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